Monday, June 4, 2012

Enough with the radishes, already!


As you know, I’ve been having fun carving rubber stamps lately.  This is similar to carving linoleum blocks only much, much easier because the material I am cutting is soft rubber and cuts like butter.

The softness has some draw back too, but the ease of carving makes up for it all.  I’ve shown several of my stamps on my blog, these are the fish I carved last December HERE!

For now, I’m into radishes……carved a single radish and after many experiments with stamping inks and printing inks, I have this.  The black is printing ink and the red is StazOn stamping ink.


Then, I carved the my largest stamp…to date, it is 4x6 inches……









and printed this with printer’s ink!


  The image above is printed on white watercolor paper and gives a cleaner print but, this one, printed on my friend Thea’s handmade paper looks “arty”.


Soon, I will need a sponsor and be enrolled in a 12-step program!  In the meantime, it is carve and print, carve and print!


elle said...

This looks great. Who knew radishes were so cute!

Julie said...

Please don't go in the 12 step program!!!!! We like it!!! That large stamp is something else...I think you could sell these stamps you make...t'would be awesome!!!