Friday, February 22, 2013

Take your camera for a walk.....


That's what I did the other day and I found signs of spring everywhere!





A flower pot right outside my front door.








Sweet smelling violets peeking through the leaves.









Ferns living on a mossy limb.










A tiny gem...blooming.







Wabi Sabi......embrace the paradox of beauty in imperfection.  The appreciation of the waning, cracked, worn and bent beauty of an object.






















I live in a small town, of 3000 souls, in the Willamette Valley of Oregon.  All of these photos were taken this week as I walked the dog and my camera about town. 






It wouldn't be a  landscape photo of Oregon if it didn't include tall fir trees.  This is the park behind our house.....the little white dog is Jack, my walking buddy.

In spite of what you've been told, it does not ALWAYS rain in Oregon!








That's a taste of life in small town in the Pacific Northwest, we are blessed!  Thanks for going with me on this lovely, little walk-about.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Drawing and other fun stuff....


I seem to be neglecting this blog lately!  No real excuse, just life gets in the way at times..

Right after I posted my last post, I received a note from ClothPaperScissors saying they had accepted one of my submissions and would I write an article to go with it.....well, YES!  But, that took the better part of 10 days to get into the mail.  This is a sneak peek of the project.........


Been busy sketching......

IMG_3640and taking a portrait drawing class that I'm loving!












I'm getting a little more involved with the local art center, where I'm taking this class, and helping to organize classes for next term.

We are, also, teaching another stamp carving/printmaking class this Saturday.

So, those are my excuses for not blog writing and "I'm stickin' to 'em"!

Have a great week!