Sunday, January 30, 2011

Spring and other things!

I feel a little guilty talking about spring with half of the country buried in snow.....hopefully, I will give's coming, maybe not fast enough, but it is coming. 

In Oregon, today was sunny and 55 degrees, not bad for I headed to the nearest garden center and purchase my first blooms of the season.................

IMG_0134Cheery primroses!

IMG_0131Made my day!

Yesterday, I took a wonderful collage class and produced this........

IMG_0125Not everyone appreciates abstracts but they are such a challenge and fun to do, learned a lot.  Great teacher. 

Another abstract with wax, paint, paper and string.......

IMG_0129Still trying to be "creative everyday"!  Enjoy, while I link to a party or two, Get Your Craft On and Creative Everyday

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Altered Book

Yesterday, I demonstrated how we were going to "color" some old black and white photos for the altered book class I'm teaching in March.

Today, I finished most of the class demo's the preparation that takes the time.  This is what we are going to do with those lovely altered photos, students.

Here's the cover.......

IMG_0103The bathing beauties in the right are my mother and sister!

IMG_0104The story line of this book is "my sister had cuter clothes than I did".  Actually, my mother was an accomplished seamstress and she made most of our clothes.  I think I was just more of a "tom boy" than my sister, actually, she was my half sister and she was 13 years older than me.  She died in an automobile accident when she was 39 years old.

IMG_0105 She has the stylish hat and a really cute pants suit, in the picture above, I have the "dorky" hat and the dowdy sweater and knee highs!  But, check out those cowboy boots.....truly something a girl could dream about!

IMG_0106 On the left is a piece of fabric from my mother's maternity dress when she was pregnant with me, the attached note was written by my mom.  On right is a photo of me and my dog, Mickey.  Me, pants and a dog.....yep, the tom-boy!

IMG_0111These pages tell the story of the time my sister danced in a recital at the Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota.  She wore this dress, that my mother made and I still have, for that recital.  The woman in the photo is a relative, not our mother.

IMG_0102   Altered books allow the artist to tell their story, their way, using their choice of words and art. 

My demo book is a tribute to my sister and my mother.....I'm sure my clothes were fine but, I still think I should have had a cool hat like my sister!

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Altered Book Class 101

Beginning March 2, I will be teaching an Altered Book class at the Woodburn Art Center for four weeks.  Classes are on Wednesday afternoon from 2 P.M. until 4.

Here's one of the things we are going to do.........

IMG_0085First.....using an old black and white photo, enlarge on the copy machine 200 to 300 percent.

IMG_0086Using watercolor paints.....paint over the copy!


IMG_0087Next, shrink the painted copy back to 50 to 70 percent, or to the size you want to use in the book!

Not too hard, so far, is it?

IMG_0080This is my sister, she was 13 years older than I and passed away at age 39.  That's not me with her, it is a friend.

IMG_0083This one is me!  The theme of my book is why did my sister have better dresses than I did?  Well, they seemed better to me, you know how that is.

I got the idea for this book from a piece done by Lisa Bebi.  We'll use children's Golden books, not many pages, should be able to finish in four weeks.  Here your chance to create your own book!

For more information or to register call Woodburn Art Center at 503-982-6450.   

Excuse the crazy time/ camera....need to change that ASAP.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

When one thing leads to another......

Walked into my craft room the other day and took one look at this............................

IMG_0020and thought you HAVE to do something, girl!

Lo and behold, that evening, when I was browsing the blogs I came upon Antie Joy's A Day In The Life blog. Joy is a very personable lady who lives in Oregon too, and ta-da! there was my inspiration.  Joy had recently redone her studio and redressed her shelves to the Nimes!

I decided I needed to have me some of that, so I started with the broom and a box and cleaned up and decluttered and rearranged the shelves this..

IMG_0062_1 and this.............

IMG_0063_1That's when I thought...hmmmmm....this white looking set of drawers sitting underneath my new arrangement looks really blah......

IMG_0033Well, that won't do......the next inspiration came from looking at too many blogs and reading too many magazines..........I got out an old book written in German and started tearing pages out of it..........

IMG_0035Just glue them on with some Modge Podge and let it dry........

IMG_0036 With a sharp razor blade I trimmed off the excess paper, glazed the whole thing with some dark walnut stain and varnished.

IMG_0040 Added glass knobs and a box-store set of drawers takes on some character. 

IMG_0042Well, now, you probably noticed the lovely blue drawer fronts on dresser below......that will never do.....out comes the white paint, a glaze of stain and a little sandpaper and here we go...........

IMG_0043Rest of the room is looking much better too........IMG_0050_1at least you can see the floor.....yeah, I painted that too....but it was five or six years ago.

IMG_0061Recognize the paint brush holder?  I got it for a dollar at a church rummage sale, it is a silver plated cruet set holder....repurposed.

And I will leave you with my card.......

IMG_0046_1That is how it goes for thing ALWAYS leads to another!

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ever so vintage thingies......

Sunday, hubby and I visited a flea market where, years ago, we use to sell.  It is always fun to go hunt for that wondrous thingy we can't, or don't want to, live without.

Well, I found mine...................................

reflect 001 two dozen tin Christmas light reflectors. 

reflect 002I have plans for these babies.....for starters.........

reflect 005with a glass nugget and some art work....could be a refrigerator magnet or a brooch.  I haven't had time yet, but what I'm really looking forward to, is using them in my collages.

"One man's junk" true, but I think I have a treasure.

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Monday, January 10, 2011

A commitment, not a resolution....

I have never been much on making New Year's Resolutions but....I do like to set some goals.

Last year's goal was new carpet and a cleaner, simpler decor.  The carpet was installed in March and through out the year I cleared out the garden shed, the garage, closets, drawer, etc.  Mission accomplished, well, pretty much. 

This year, I am going to volunteer less time to community projects and use the time "creating"!  It doesn't matter what I create, or the medium I use to create can be painting, collage, gardening, baking, writing a blog...but my goal is to do something EVERY DAY that is creative.

Started New Year's Day helping my Granddaughter's make jewelry, since then I've started a journal, cleaned and rearranged several shelves and, even, made bread pudding.  Last week, I finished this assemblage. 

assembl 004This piece is a nod to the book titled, Last Child in the Woods.  The author discusses the lack of opportunities for this generation of children to play and explore the out of doors on their own and some of the ramifications.  It is a good read and very informative.

I used the lid of a wood cigar box and added the child's photo, cardboard, some twigs with copper leaves, cheesecloth, lace and a rusty hinge, birch bark and old clay marbles......all frosted with melted bees wax.

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Create Everyday

Very optimistically I have signed on to "Create Everyday 2011".  Organized by Leah at Creative Everyday, I thought this sounded like a great motivator and would make me more aware of what I do, or don't do, that is creative.  Making art is one way to be creative but so is rearranging the furniture, or planting flowers, or sewing or trying a new recipe.....there are so many ways we can express our selves.

I got the New Year off to a great creative start,, was a preplanned "play date" at our house with our granddaughters.  They wanted to make jewelry for their friends as Christmas gifts, but we couldn't seem to find the time before Christmas, so today became jewelry making day!

I figure being "their creative advisor and supplier" here we go......

n and a 003

Angela, who is almost 14, made bracelets with beads and charms.

This work requires lots of table room to spread out!

She was busy in my craft room...while her sister,



n and a 002



Nicole, who will be 17, worked in the living room making two "glass slide" necklaces.  Here she is designing the artwork for one of the necklaces.



N and A 013 She placed the art between the two glass slides and wrapped with copper tape.........this is where Grandma gets creative, I soldered the pieces together!

N and A 011 This is for one of her horse-lovin' buddies!  The photo is of her friend and her horse.

N and A 016Both, necklaces completed....forgot to take pictures of the other side....dang it!  Her other friend will receive the blue bird of happiness.

N and A 008Sisters sharing ideas!

N and A 004Two of the bracelets that  Angela made.  Nicole made beaded bracelets, too, total they made eight bracelets and two necklaces.

N and A 010  Aren't the bracelets cute and colorful?N and A 014I can't think of a better way to start the New Year!  I had the luxury of spending the afternoon with two very lovely young ladies encouraging their creativity and challenging mine.

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