Thursday, March 29, 2012

Birthday greetings…….


So, I make birthday cards and practice my lettering…….

Happy Birthday to……….


Happy Birthday to……..


Happy Birthday to………


This is a new journal page…….


We’ve had an uninvited “bug” living with us this week!  Both, hubby and I have it but we are on the up side of the hill today and looking forward to the weekend!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Busy week…..


Busy……getting ready for a Friday night surprise 30th birthday party for our Grandson Jeremy.

IMG_2087 That’s Jeremy on the right and his Uncle Dean, my oldest son, who’s birthday is Tuesday.  I was trying to replicate a picture we have of Jeremy sitting on Dean’s lap sharing their joint birthday cake, however, Jeremy was about four at the time that picture was taken…..much smaller and much less awkward for these two. Jeremy's mom, my only daughter, can be seen in the background.

Nice party and we truly surprised him.  He is a plumber….so I called him and in my best panic-sounding voice I told him Grandpa had broken a pipe and we needed him to come quick and shut off the water!  It worked.

I’ve talked about the classes I’ve been taking, so between party prep, I’ve been sitting down with Junelle Jacobsen and playing in my journal…………….


and sketching with ink and watercolor………….

IMG_2084 This class was about paper and paint and making notes in my journal…….

IMG_2090 We have been encouraged to experiment with a fun variety of mediums and materials, in this class, plus Junelle has a gift for making you feel like she is in the room with you, not on the other side of an impersonal computer screen!  Teaching a class is hard work that she makes look easy.

There are so many wonderful on-line classes being taught, now, in just about any art medium and price range… is difficult to choose which one to take first!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Sew so-so………………


There was a time when I use to sew….a lot!  Not anymore, now once in a while, I do some easy straight stitch stuff like pillows or curtains!  I love what I see other’s doing…..quilting, free stitching, hand stitching, cute stuff. 

Occasionally, I think I should join in, actually…….it seems I have!

I’ve jumped in with both feet.  I am making a book with fabric….that not only requires sewing but quilting, free stitching, hand stitching, and if I say so myself, cute stuff.

I can tell you I love the end product…’s the process I’m not so sure about!

IMG_2075 The cover of Lucy’s book, she turns two the end of April….I think she’ll like this.

IMG_2079 The first two pages….one is a color teaching tool and the other side is all about numbers.

IMG_2077This little cutie is Lucy…the hat’s on the right have Velcro on the back so little finger’s can remove them and put them on top of Lucy’s head….like this….



There is still much to be done.  I need to sew the pages together and two pages are yet to be designed and made. 

I think Lucy will like the book and that’s what counts.  I  think Grandma has had more than a little fun making, too……..even tho’ she won’t stop grumbling about how much she doesn’t like to sew.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Sketchy me…….


I’m the mad woman of on-line classes…now I’m taking a delightful class named “Art of Wild Abandonment”.  Don’t you love the title?  It is a sketching, lettering, watercolor and mixed media class being taught by Junelle Jacobsen and Christy Tomlinson.

This and the lettering class I just finished compliment each other so well….I’m loving it.

I have been avoiding “practice drawing” for some time now, this class is forcing it.  Wisely, our instructor, Junelle, started with simple shapes like radishes and is now “movin’ on up” to things a little more complicated.

So, I’ve been practicing my drawing by sketching…..radishes…..


and cupcakes…….


and today, while sitting in the back of the room…..the backs of people’s heads……


and then the Daisy part of Dandelion and Daisy……..


Guess I’ll continue to be sketchy!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Book making……..


We have a great-granddaughter turning two next month….so Grams is taking on making her a “soft” book. 

This is one of four pages I’ve finished, so far…..


I have to thank Lindsay Ostrom for giving me the word prompt I needed to get my motor revved!  “Home” is Lindsay’s word of the week and the perfect word to start this book. 

Last week the word was “serendipity” and that was my first time to play along with Lindsay’s “Word of the Month” posts on her blog.  So, I thought I would try again this week…..if you click HERE you will go to Lindsay’s blog and leave a comment. The art with the most comments will win one of Lindsay’s delightful art works.  BTW, the post with my art will only be up for one day so you have to hit the “home” button to take you to all of the entries….then comment on mine, if you’d like.  Thanks!

It’s fun to see the various art interpretations of one word.

Here is a peek at the four pages I have finished for Lucy’s book!  My plan is to make it a 12 page book, that means I have to make four more facing pages like the ones below.


The “name the colors” pages will be the center of the book….


Fabric bookmaking is a new experience for me…..since I haven’t sewn in a long time and have a sewing machine that is one step up from an antique treadle machine I’m in for some challenges, I’m sure….wish me luck! 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Letter Love……



The first of February was the kick off of an on-line class titled “Letter Love 101” taught by the lady of letters, Joanne Sharpe.  I joined in a few days late but I’ve been having a ball since. 

I took traditional calligraphy classes years ago.  I even had the pleasure of taking a workshop with the eminent Reed Collage lettering art professor, Lloyd Reynolds.  To do calligraphy WELL requires lots and lots of practice.  So, when I looked at the arty letters people are doing I found it overwhelming….more practice on the letters, more rules to learn, too much work. 

But, this great teacher has broken it down into easily digested pieces and made it fun. So, if you have any interest in letters and using them in fun new ways you’ll love this class.  Trust me, it will be $35. well spent.

Also, if you would like to check out Joanne’s blog and learn more about classes click HERE !  While you are there check out my artwork in the student gallery.  Thanks, Joanne, for including me I am indeed pleased and flattered.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Toys……


A trip to Michael’s today netted some great new pens!

I had to laugh at the store checker who loudly proclaimed…..”these are expensive!”.  My husband was standing right there, so he showed them to him and said “these are $23”.  Hubby just laughed (he is so used to my art supply addiction)!  I said “obviously you’re not married”.  Those comments to the right wrong people could have created a messy scene!  We thought it was funny!

He was young and obviously not into public relations….really, with the 40% off coupon they are less than $1.50 each. 


I got the Sakura Soufflés because they are suppose to have better coverage on dark backgrounds and I’m still playing on black paper…….can’t wait to try them!

letters 002

“Serendipity” is the word of the week on Lindsay Ostrom’s blog and my motivation for doing this piece.  For the first time I am participating in “Word”, so…….if you go HERE and comment on my work, the art with the most comments will win one of Lindsay’s cool art pieces!  Thanks for doing that!


Before I ran out of black paper (hehehe), I played with “You’ve got the power”.  Then to mix it up a bit…..I put a bird on it AND covered it with yummy beeswax.


Thanks for stopping by!  Have you purchased any new toys lately?

Monday, March 5, 2012

Playful weekend……


I had a great weekend…..I played with hot wax and funky fluorescent pens!

First……doodling with Sakura fluorescent and metallic pens…..!


That was so much fun…..I did this too…..


I am taking an on-line lettering class from Joanne Sharp and these two pages will be included in the journal we are making for a final project.  I’ve not done much in my journal….just getting started but here’s what it look like so far.



The doodle page will look like this in the journal……


After a morning spent doing yard work, I moved on to waxy goodness……




A stick embedded in wax with an stamped image of a bug and some fun wax texture.








This one needs some work but I had fun with transfers and wax carving.










Happy Monday….hope you had a great weekend, too, and were able to find time to play a little!