Sunday, March 25, 2012

Busy week…..


Busy……getting ready for a Friday night surprise 30th birthday party for our Grandson Jeremy.

IMG_2087 That’s Jeremy on the right and his Uncle Dean, my oldest son, who’s birthday is Tuesday.  I was trying to replicate a picture we have of Jeremy sitting on Dean’s lap sharing their joint birthday cake, however, Jeremy was about four at the time that picture was taken…..much smaller and much less awkward for these two. Jeremy's mom, my only daughter, can be seen in the background.

Nice party and we truly surprised him.  He is a plumber….so I called him and in my best panic-sounding voice I told him Grandpa had broken a pipe and we needed him to come quick and shut off the water!  It worked.

I’ve talked about the classes I’ve been taking, so between party prep, I’ve been sitting down with Junelle Jacobsen and playing in my journal…………….


and sketching with ink and watercolor………….

IMG_2084 This class was about paper and paint and making notes in my journal…….

IMG_2090 We have been encouraged to experiment with a fun variety of mediums and materials, in this class, plus Junelle has a gift for making you feel like she is in the room with you, not on the other side of an impersonal computer screen!  Teaching a class is hard work that she makes look easy.

There are so many wonderful on-line classes being taught, now, in just about any art medium and price range… is difficult to choose which one to take first!


Karen said...

Wonderful disguise for a surprise birthday party! Good-looking family you have there.

I envy your artistic ability, everything you do is wonderful. So much talent!

elle said...

I'm hoping I can avail myself of some of the on line classes now that I have a higher internet speed. I luv seeing what you are doing. Happy creating!

Dianne said...

terrific pages! I may just have to use the idea of assorted papers for the leaves in the Yes, classes are a wonderful tool to learn and have made some great stuff from the classes you've taken!

Halle said...

An actress as well as artist! HA!
Love the pages...