Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Book making……..


We have a great-granddaughter turning two next month….so Grams is taking on making her a “soft” book. 

This is one of four pages I’ve finished, so far…..


I have to thank Lindsay Ostrom for giving me the word prompt I needed to get my motor revved!  “Home” is Lindsay’s word of the week and the perfect word to start this book. 

Last week the word was “serendipity” and that was my first time to play along with Lindsay’s “Word of the Month” posts on her blog.  So, I thought I would try again this week…..if you click HERE you will go to Lindsay’s blog and leave a comment. The art with the most comments will win one of Lindsay’s delightful art works.  BTW, the post with my art will only be up for one day so you have to hit the “home” button to take you to all of the entries….then comment on mine, if you’d like.  Thanks!

It’s fun to see the various art interpretations of one word.

Here is a peek at the four pages I have finished for Lucy’s book!  My plan is to make it a 12 page book, that means I have to make four more facing pages like the ones below.


The “name the colors” pages will be the center of the book….


Fabric bookmaking is a new experience for me…..since I haven’t sewn in a long time and have a sewing machine that is one step up from an antique treadle machine I’m in for some challenges, I’m sure….wish me luck! 


elle said...

Those wing like clouds are sew cute. oh dear, now mine will want some!

Traceyr said...

Wow so much work has gone into this little book. Your grand daughter will treasure if for years to come.


Charmingdesigns said...

do you have Lindsays skribble book???