Thursday, May 27, 2010

One thing leads to another......

The recent run of cold, wet weather has driven me indoors this spring.....which hasn't been all bad!

Since the first of the year I have pretty much cleaned, cleared and in some cases, painted, every room in the house EXCEPT my craft room.  Which, in my world, can easily become the junk room, not to be confused with the "junque" room......its where I put everything I don't want to deal with at this moment or several moments, days even.

So, I took it on....sorted, added a bookcase and generally clean up.  Guess what, now, I have a clear work surface!

studio 003 I know you thought this was a blog about a clean, it's about feeling organized and inspired to tackle some projects I've been wanting to work on, i.e. one thing leads to another.

I had seen this idea on another blog, of course, I don't remember who's.  Trust me I tried to find it, it wasn't posted that long ago so maybe you can remind me where I read it, so I can give credit.

yard 2033It started with a laundry basket(or any fair size basket), in my case, I've had this around for a long time.....tried to sell it, didn't sell, so used it for toy basket for awhile.

This was such and easy update, I simply stained it with some dark wood stain we had on hand and then free handed the numbers to give it that old world/slightly industrial....been sitting on a shelf for years look.  The free hand idea was scary to me too, but you know what, it was easy.  I did draw the numbers on first with chalk, so I would have a size gauge. 

Love the finished project.

yard 2034  In its current resting place!

kitchen projects 010Some of the members of my household are just NEVER impressed with my cleverness..........................

yard 2032  Come to think of it, a nap sounds like a good idea!

I am going to participate in an on-line party called "Where Bloggers Create" in June, I'll share more photos of my studio/junque room then.

I'm going to attend a new party that sounds like fun; Frugalicious Friday at Finding Fabulous and yet another Friday happening Saving Money and Living Life at Fabulous Friday.

Thanks for stopping by, please feel free to comment!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

April showers, May flowers.......

Here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest we have had never-ending rain showers throughout April and May, fortunately the flowers don't seem to mind....too much!It's the wind and cool temps that are not fit for man, nor gardening.

I'm going to do a little party hopping today....I'm going to start with White Wednesday at Faded Charm Cottage where I'd like to share a few photos of my back yard and a white rose named Sally, "Sally Homes" that is!  Sally is a "big girl", she's about 8 foot tall and as wide.  She takes up some room but is soooo worth it!

yard 2026 yard 2028Normally, Sally has larger clusters of single flowers, this year, smaller clusters.....don't know if it is the weather or the lack of cutting back.  Love the tinge of pink on the edges of the petals and the buds.yard 2031 

Need to plant my bike baskets with annuals, SOON!

Here are some other parts of the garden that I'd like to share with Woo Hoo! Wednesday and Rednesday.  Hope you enjoy!


yard and LR 005

yard and LR 002

yard and LR 001

Orange wallflower and chives highlight the red advertising on the galvanized bucket.

yard and LR 003The bird bath sits in front of the "Sally" rose and the Heuchera "Peach Flambé" strikes up the color "band"!

yard 2029 I've shared the gate before but that was before I'd hung the birdhouse and the forget-me-nots started blooming.

yard and LR 007For the grand finale.........a gorgeous rose named "Crown Princess Margaretta" with peachy color and a fragrance to absolutely "die for"! 

As you can see, the weather isn't stopping Mother Nature, it is just making it less than pleasant to work out there or just to walk around, with a cup of tea, and enjoy.  The battle with black spot on the roses has "barely just begun", as they say.

Hope you had time to visit the other wonderful blogs and all of these parties.  I love to read your comments, so please feel free!

Let's hope for sunshine and wishing you a relaxing, fun Memorial Day weekend!   

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Today, I was made aware of a new and, I'm sure, exciting meme "Vignette Friday" at Color Outside the Box...I've chose to go back a couple months and repost this little story about redoing the top of the entertainment center.  Hope you enjoy.


I keep reminding myself, this is my year to of the things I loved most about buying and selling "antiques" was setting up and arranging the displays. My urge to "display" said it was time to redo and re-fluff, to heck with simple!

yard and LR 022 After a few days of sunshine, I became convinced spring might just be here and the top of the T.V. cabinet needed a new "do", something light, airy and fun.  I do not love that until something better comes bookcases from Ikea, there she sits.  So, lets dress her up...........

yard and LR 021yard and LR 020 yard and LR 010 yard and LR 013

Along the way I get to look at and enjoy some of my favorite things.  The white Bauer vase, the round tole tray, the wood bowl my husband turned on his lathe, the candleholder we made from an old table leg and this collage that I did using a tintype of my mother and grandfather.

yard and LR 011

yard and LR 012


Among my "loves", when it comes to collectibles, is this wonderful French perpetual calendar!  It is made of old celluloid and has dials to change the month, day and date.  I have it set to my a reminder to celebrate everyday.

yard and LR 015


I painted the galvanized bucket turquoise and added the Bingo caller's ball cage.  The dollars store bird sits on a silver tray and a stack of small colorful books.  Excuse the fake lavender, it's just that it grows so well in the low light!

yard and LR 016yard and LR 019


Finally, an old school clock, books, a birds nest and another one of my collages.  Here I uses a photo of a woman and child on a painted and collaged background.



This is my white, light, bright tribute to spring that is not very simple but full of the stuff I treasure! I hope you enjoyed.

I will be linking to White Wednesday at Faded Charm Cottage and Woo Hoo! Wednesday at Always Nesting.  Come join the party and meet some fabulously talented folks.

For the first time I am joining the party at Rednesday because Red is one of my favorite colors!  This seems like a post for Tabletop Tuesday at A Stroll Thru Fife.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Chandy Redux

chandy 002

Yep, that's it........everybody's chandelier; brass, lots of curlicues, some candle-like bulb holders, just add lots and lots of glass sparkles.  It's is beautiful, I've always wanted one!

My son and daughter-in-law owned this one, I loved it.  They did not.  My son is tall and this hung too low and, where it was located, he keep hitting his head on it....painful!  I didn't care for the fixture I had in my dinning the deal was struck....we traded!

I am on a quest to first thing I did was remove the brass "s" shaped decorative pieces near the top............then I painted it white.......................

chandy 012nice!.....but I wanted something that had more "star power".  Our living room/dinning room walls are a shade of grayed blue-green and the drapes and carpet white....I wanted some POP!

Well............................turquoise, should do it!

table 007 Those who love white would not approve, those who love color will love it......I love color!  If, you preferred the original've hit "delete".

table 008


For many years, I have had a the floral, pastel "shabby chic" decor.  As I said, I am wanting to simplify but I still have lots of antiques and "shabby" pieces that I want to keep in my life.  So, now, I am striving for something more eclectic.

table 004 table 010

Behind door #1 the shutters/screen, sits our not very esthetic, but extremely necessary, exercise bike!  A some what, desperate attempt at disguise but better than staring at the black hulk of a machine. Works for me!


cline famil 002

Most of my art work displays that "love of color", too, as you can see!

I'm going to try something new...I love the blog; Between Naps on the Porch, so this Monday I am linking to Metamorphosis Monday.  See you there!

I am joining two parties this beautiful Wednesday, Kathleen's Faded Charm Cottage and Woo Hoo Wednesday at Always Nesting.  Check out the talented bloggers on these sites for a ton of inspiration!

Friday, May 7, 2010

My mother and my heritage........

cline famil
This is my Mother's Day tribute to the women who's legacy I follow.  The women who loved me, guided and molded me, and set the examples I live by today.  They were hard working, independent with a mind of their own, strong women! (M-m-m sound like anyone you know?)

On the left,in the photo, is my Grandmother, Inga Berg, born in Hitra, Norway in the 1880s and my mother, Jennie, also, born in Hitra.  In 1909, they came to the U.S. with my Grandfather and settled in South Dakota.

Inga was a very gifted and talented seamstress.  She used those talents to support her family and to pay for the materials to build their home. I never met my Grandmother, she passed away at age 40, several years before I was born.

Inga's mother, my Great Grandmother Anna, was an independent woman who remained in Norway.  Her husband came to America in the early 1900 but she choose to stay in her home land with her son and daughter

My mother, taught by her mother, was a excellent seamstress.  My Mom, however, branched out and in the 1920 started working in the dry cleaning business.  She and my father, would go on to own and operated several dry cleaning business through out their working lives.

Their daughter, me, worked every Saturday, through my high school years, in their cleaners.  Did not love it!  But, it would not have done me any good to complain.

My mom was generous with her time!  She enjoyed helping others, was very involved in her church and the community, careful with her finances, taught me to appreciate antiques and how to refinish and refurbish just about anything!

My mother passed away on Easter 1998.  I still miss her and think of her everyday..........she is my Guardian Angel!
I promised my Norwegian relatives some photos of the quilts my mother made, so here they are.........
quilts 006  quilts 005This quilt with the red crosses she made in 1918, when she was 14 years old.  My mom was very organized, many items like this, had notes attached with the details of when and where they originated.quilts 004 
quilts 007This quilt she made for me in the 1980s, when she was in her early 80s.  I think the pattern is "Maple leaf". 
The next photos are all things my grandparents brought with them from Norway.
quilts 009 quilts 010 Both of the woven blankets came from Norway, I only know, for sure, that the brown and gold one was made by Anna Berg, my Great grandmother.
quilts 014
Embroidered by my Grandmother with her initials "I" and "B" for Inga Berg.  She must have done this in the late 1800s.
And, lastly, the wonderful embroidery from Norway called.......Hardanger, or Norwegian drawn work, more examples of my Grandmother's handiwork.quilts 016
What precious treasures these are, each one made with loving care by strong, but gentle, hands and a creative vision.  I carry within me each of these women.....!
What wonderful Mother's Day gifts from our "foremothers".... left in my care, for their preservation, and to share with the women who follow me!
Thanks, Mom, for everything and I love you.  Happy Mother's Day.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Shameless Grandma pride & wildflowers...

lucy 002Sorry, could not resist an opportunity to introduce our Great-granddaughter Lucy Violet born last Wednesday.  

I she adorable or what?

Since I look forward every week to joining the White Wednesday party at Kathleen's Faded Charm Cottage, I'll move on to another bright spot in my garden!

swap 007These bright white and yellow babies are called Limnathes Douglasii (Douglas' Meadowfoam).  They are a low growing, Oregon native plant that loves sunshine, is not invasive and blooms profusely all spring.

swap 005 

front 010 For now, they bloom at the foot of the arbor........

yard 2023 one day, I am hoping, they will spread to cover most of bare ground in this seating area.

yard 2024

And finally, a photo from our backyard.....that just says "Spring", to me!

front 001

Spring signifies new beginnings....our family has been so blessed with our new beginning..... Lucy Violet, who has enriched our lives this spring.  She who bloom's bright, may she live long and well!

This week I'm, also, going to join a party at Always Nesting where we will be celebrating Woo Hoo! Wednesday.  This is a new party, you may want to come along.