Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Shameless Grandma pride & wildflowers...

lucy 002Sorry, could not resist an opportunity to introduce our Great-granddaughter Lucy Violet born last Wednesday.  

I she adorable or what?

Since I look forward every week to joining the White Wednesday party at Kathleen's Faded Charm Cottage, I'll move on to another bright spot in my life....my garden!

swap 007These bright white and yellow babies are called Limnathes Douglasii (Douglas' Meadowfoam).  They are a low growing, Oregon native plant that loves sunshine, is not invasive and blooms profusely all spring.

swap 005 

front 010 For now, they bloom at the foot of the arbor........

yard 2023 one day, I am hoping, they will spread to cover most of bare ground in this seating area.

yard 2024

And finally, a photo from our backyard.....that just says "Spring", to me!

front 001

Spring signifies new beginnings....our family has been so blessed with our new beginning..... Lucy Violet, who has enriched our lives this spring.  She who bloom's bright, may she live long and well!

This week I'm, also, going to join a party at Always Nesting where we will be celebrating Woo Hoo! Wednesday.  This is a new party, you may want to come along.


Maison Douce said...

Congrats to Staci and to you!!!! Lucy is just precious, what a beauty!!!!!

Olivia said...

I am swooning over your garden gate and your garden. Love it,


Hi Jan, Lucy violet is precious, I think she stole the show this evening, however, your garden is beautiful, love your bench and the colors are amazing. Congratulations on that sweet baby girl!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jan!! Lucy is just absolutely precious!! Totally a huge Woo Hoo! for that baby girl and congratulations.

Your yard is lovely also. I love all the color.

Atticmag said...

New grandbaby and lovely yellow flowers. Jan, you've hit the jackpot. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm glad to see yours. Jane F.

Quiltemarerittet said...

Cutie! Beautiful name too. I wish I was there.

In our big family there are many of us who has dark brown hair and brown eyes.

I love your garden too, beautiful colors. The spring is nearly here. Some flowers came up from the snow. The ice on the lake is melting and I will go and take a picture of it today. I´m home from work today because I have so much tinnitus right now, but it will be better.

Hope you will understand my school english. The translating on my blog are not so good either.

By the way.....I love to have some picture´s from the quilt´s that Inga( or was it Jennie)have done. It would be fun if I could sew like her´s!



Lynn said...

Very nice photos, especially the first one-enjoy!

Granny Annie said...

Lucy Violet, the prettiest flower in the gardens!

Tammy @BeatriceBanks said...

Ditto Granny Annie's comment. Lucy Violet is the prettiest of them all!

Staci said...

Boy that is one pretty baby! Her parents must be real lookers too;) Your garden is looking wonderful as usual gram, so bright and cheery and very filled out for as young as the front is. Can't wait to come over and see it in person soon.

Faded Charm said...

What a sweet little grandbaby. So precious. I deleted your post that didn't work, so you can try it again if you'd like.

Take care,


Pamela said...

What a beautiful granbaby! I also love your colorful pots on the wall!

Denise said...

Congratulations on your beautiful great granddaughter, what a sweet name too.

Journal Swag said...

Ohhhh, Lucy is a DOLL! Precious baby!