Sunday, April 27, 2014

New Year's Resolution.......

Yep, it is almost May 1 and I'm finally going to make my New Year's Resolution!  That Resolution is (drum roll, please) out of only ONE sketchbook/journal at a time! 

I know you were expecting something more challenging, well, it depends on your perspective....I seem to find this one very challenging.  Many of us, who like to make art, end up with several tablets or journals of various weights and types of paper and I seem to have a need to make marks in them all.

Sometimes the marks are playful.........

Sometimes they are studies of people's legs  and trying to figure out the foreshortening.

Sometimes it is actual class planning or trying to figure out a page design, sometimes they are good ideas, sometime they are just scribbles.

Problem here is.......these are three different books out of about eight, or nine, that I do this kind of note making, scribbling, and sometimes, decent work in.  However, I never, never use up one whole book at a time.  I may have used half the pages in one book and six in another.  I suspect I'm not the only person who does this, but, it makes it very difficult to find something when you want it.  You get this great idea, write it down and sketch it know you did!   So, why can't I find it again?

That's it my New Year's Resolution!  Pick one sketchbook and stick with it, in the hope you will be able to find those ideas again.

In the meantime, I just finished this week's DLP page.  This was easy, I love quotes and I need to practice lettering. 

You know how they have e-cigarettes?  Maybe, someone could come up with an e-organizing system, one that DOES NOT involved a computer tho', rather something that would organize things in a puff of smoke!


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

DLP week #17

Finally, I have followed the Document Your Life Project rules......not rules, really, more like suggestions!

Each week, the Art to the 5th ladies come up with a prompt to use to create our page for our DLP journals......this week's prompt:  Draw your favorite pair of shoes.

So I did.......

The writing, done in pencil, did not photograph well.  It reads: walking, gardening, shopping favorite.

These are Keen sandals that I wear year around for all but the most formal occasions!

I used a Gelli plate print for the background adding some stamping, a few scraps of paper for texture, my sketch and some lettering.  Fun and simple!

Most weeks I've gone off on my own and made whatever art appealed to me.....this week I played along and followed the "rules"!  Can't wait for next week's prompt.


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Discovery and Easter eggs..........

Happy Easter to all on this beautiful morning of Redemption!

For the past several years, our family has celebrated Easter together on the Saturday prior because of a huge community Easter egg hunt that is held in the park behind our house.  The little kids would hunt for eggs and we'd followed it up with a day of food and family.  Well, I've noticed something, those little kids keep growing up.  That means outgrowing things like egg hunts, so we have had to adjust and get creative......which is what we did yesterday.

We do still have one young grandchild and he came in time for the egg hunt.  We were joined for lunch by other family members and then we drove to Salem, for a delightful afternoon, with one of the granddaughters and her family visiting and playing at the A. C. Gilbert Discovery Museum. 

BTW, A.C. Gilbert is the man who invented the Erector set!  He was born in Salem, Oregon attended George Fox College and went on to earn his M.D. from Yale.  At the turn of the 20th century he invented, and went onto build a business empire around, the Erector set and a multitude of other toys and household appliances that he invented.

On the front porch you are greeted by this huge rocking chair that, in this case, is full of the Tomb family.

Inside we had tea and learned about China with Emma and Lucy.........

Emma and her Dad played store...........

Then we were all captivated by this truly "mesmerizing" room with a big screen and fun camera that produced these images.......................
This is Emma, Lucy and I.......

In this picture, Hubby had his walking stick with him and when he moved it....the stick created the lines and the hula hoops the kids were playing with made the circles on the bottom.  Fascinating!

Examples of Mr. Gilberts original toy.....and some of the things that could be created with the pieces.

Toy manufacturing was not enough to keep Mr. Gilbert's employees busy year around, so he went on to design and patent 150 other items, that would create full time employment in his New York City facility.

These are the play structures outside with the squirrel sitting on the table.  In the middle photo you can see how hard it was raining but much of the area is the girls got to enjoy this area, too.

I wouldn't overlook the art......this watercolor was painted by a 10 year old!

If you live in Oregon, or are planning to visit, I would recommend taking the kids to Salem's Discovery Museum because this is just a small sample of all the entertainment offered and the kids will love it!

Hope you are all having a wonderful Easter weekend. 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sunshine makes me happy......

Spring is popping up in every corner of my world.....happily!


From our backyard to a Camellia show and festival we visited....................

Here are just a few of the amazing varieties I photographed in their judged flower show.

This is a flower I have never grown, they are beautiful but their fragile petals do not hold up well to Oregon's rainy spring weather, they turn brown and mushy soon after they bloom.  That doesn't keep me from admiring their beauty.

This is a collage, with stitching, that I completed this week.  Sometimes an idea comes to you and it goes together easily and you're happy with it when your finished......this was one of those rare experiences!

I finished off the cover for my nature journal, this week too, and have the book assembled.....I am thinking about adding four more pages.

I used a piece of linen towel that had been eco dyed for the cover then added a large black velvet medallion and a piece of embossed paper that was a part of an old manicure set, it would have held the nail files, tools, etc......I filled it with twigs.  I covered the back with a beautiful piece of eco dyed paper done by my friend, Jeanne.

Black book cloth covers the spine that I stitched with a five hole pamphlet stitch using gray waxed linen thread.

This is a brief glance at the inside of the journal.  I am pleased with how it turned out.

With spring and sunshine comes the dreaded.......weeds.  This time of year I think weed pulling is a relaxing activity, not so much in the summer when it is hot!  Guess I'd better put on my garden gloves and get to work.

Enjoy whatever signs of spring you are seeing pop up!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Now, may be the time to hit "delete"..........

...........unless you really want to hear me brag about my Grandson!

All Grandparents think their Grandchildren are exceptional......well, they are, look at who their Grandparents are.  I read somewhere that the reason Grandparents and Grandchildren get along so well is, that, they have a common enemy!  Not sure it is quite that bad. 

But, I do think that kids that you can spoil and encourage to stomp in mud puddles and eat extra cookies are the best kind because you're not the one who has to stay up all night with them when they are sick or worry about paying the dentist bill!  You just get to enjoy them for who and what they are which, of course, is awesome.

First a disclaimer, I have NINE Grandsons and each, and everyone of them is special!  I won't make you sit thru all of that.....I'm just focusing on the one that is a senior in high school and just completed his first art that FIRST art class. 

I'll just do show and tell now......

He carved the self portrait stamp and created the design with it.

This is the teacher's critique on the painting below.

 Teacher says "super work, man".......I love it!

I would love to take all the credit for prepping this kid for an art class, except it's not true.  I gave him a ten minute, maybe, description of perspective when he was 12 or 13. 
You know how people are always saying they have no art talent....they can't draw a straight line, never could, never will.  I don't believe that is true, I think one can accomplish a lot artistically with interest and desire.  
I do believe, however, that some of us are born with a better "eye" for artistic details and more drive to make art.  Lots of people, who have never made art in their life, have a great sense of color and design and they can use it masterfully in their homes, gardens and fashions.  Drawing or painting just may not be their thing.
 It seems to me, this young man finds perspective very easy and he "gets" it.  He is able to draw very well, even tho', at eighteen it is not a priority in his life.  He does plan on becoming an engineer.  His eye for design will serve him well, even if he never picks up a brush and produces a painting.  His mother has insisted that he take art again this trimester, the last before graduation.
We are all given gifts, I guess it really is all about how we choose to use them....right now, the world is his "oyster"! 
Now, for the other eight Grandsons.......I'm just kidding, really I am (for today anyway)!