Friday, December 20, 2013

Merry Christmas!

I Wish You All of the Blessings of this Christmas Season
And an ART FULL New Year!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mish mash and cold weather........

We have had five days of temps below freezing......this is Oregon, for heaven's sake.  Someone posted a map on Facebook that showed it was colder in Oregon than in Alaska, must be global warming!

In any case, Captain Jack Sparrow's Mom still walked him everyday even if it did take as long to get dressed for the cold as it did to walk around the park!  Jack had to wear his coat, Jack does not like having that thing put on him........

Is that a heartbreaking look or what?  As soon as he out the door....he forgets the humiliation his human has placed upon him and runs through the park without a care, coat tails flapping in the wind!

The cold has kept us pretty close to home and has been an opportunity to do a little Christmas decorating........I do mean little.  Our tree is very small but I like it.

I love my '40s hat tree topper and the angels that I bought years ago.

Also, I've had some time for art.  I signed up for Teesha Moores's new Artstronaut's Club and have found myself inspired and greatly influenced by their work.  This was her husband, Tracey's, suggestion and that was drawing a shape and then when ever time permits, filling in around it.  I started with the fish and I'm doodling my way around the page.


Now that is some journaling fun!  I have about six or seven Tombow pens that I don't use them very often but this has been a way to experiment with them and with some fine tipped colored pens that I  have.

I've been playing with it for a couple days and I'm still not finished but I'm doing another similar page, for sure, when I finish this one.

Hope you are keeping warm and enjoying you holiday season!


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Drawing practice........

My grandson who turns eighteen in  a few days, pictured here with his cousins, is a pretty good artist.  Of course, I'm encouraging him to stay interested and practice. 

When they were here on Thanksgiving, we had a brief lesson in blind contour drawing....which he thought was fun and did well.

This was his drawing of the table after his "warm up" piece, the drawing  of the vase on the left.

This is Grandma's drawing.....the scribbles on the side were done while I was waiting for GS to finish his drawing.  They look amazingly similar, don't they?

Here is what we drew.  Some of you may not know what "blind contour drawing" is, so I'll try to describe.  It is drawing an object's outline/contours while not looking at the piece of paper you are drawing on......keeping your eyes on the object you are drawing while moving the pencil on the paper.  Got that?  Not sure I do......but it is a fun exercise in slowing down and looking at what you are drawing.

So, while in the drawing mode I found this old water soluble pencil among my drawing tools and drew this.

Last night, I drew this handsome fellow from a magazine photo.

Here's hoping you have some time, during this busy season, to enjoy your artfulness!