Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sweet peaches and graphite........

A couple new drawings and one that is not finished..........

I am NOT impressed with my photography on these pieces.  I think I need to work on my lighting.  The highlights on this woman are not this "splotchy" in real life. 

The next drawing I tried to photograph outside, inside, under light, less light......hmmmmm, still don't like the results.  Suggestions??????

I tried adjusting the "color" with Pic Monkey on the next one......better, but still not great!

This isn't finished and may never be......I spent a good five hours on this today......I'm not sure I NEED this much realism in my drawing or my life!  Ha, ha!

and oh, yes.............peaches ready for the freezer.  Oregon is having a bumper crop of the sweetest peaches ever!

Won't these taste good next January!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Trying to be more observant..................

I've been a very inconsistent blogger this summer, you may have noticed.  I have no excuses, or really any good reasons, my brain has just been in other places.....I guess.

The first of this month I started taking a drawing class from a very talented young man, whose name is Mark Treick.  His drawing is super realistic, almost photographic.  I doubt I will ever draw with such precision but I am enjoying learning his processes.  See Mark's work HERE!

This is my drawing assignment for this week, draw something with volume and draw it close to it's real-life size:

We went to the beach for a few days last week, and for some reason, this is what I choose to draw while I was there......really, a stapler?

When I say, I'm trying to be more observant......I am.  I'm trying to look at some of the things in my everyday life and really look at them.  How are they made, what are they made of, how do they fit together, if I draw them like my left brain (the logical side) sees the item it will not look the same as if I slow down and draw with the right side of my brain (the side that does a better job of interpreting line and form).

Most of you have heard of Danny Gregory who is an excellent artist and the writer of marvelously, encouraging and informative journaling books.  Today he posted about slowing down!  He is making major transitions in his life and he is examining and questioning some of his former motivations and lifestyle habits, you can read more HERE.

I'm not moving cross country, or even, across town but I am trying to slow down and observe.  I'm trying to notice the shapes and colors of the clouds and the leaves on the trees as I walk the dog and sometimes I even stop, or bring things home, to draw them.

I think drawing does that for really have to look at an object or a person or a tree to draw it or sketch it.

I like sketching, I think it has more feeling than drawing with such precision but I, also, like using only graphite and an eraser to replicate an exact form on paper and for now, at least, I'm working on being more observant.