Thursday, June 7, 2012

Carving and stamping……


I’m going to start this blog with more radishes…’s true.  Just to demonstrate some of the things you can do with the stamps you carve……..


I stamped one of the pages in my journal with the radish stamp and then added watercolors and some lettering.  I even drew  lines are for future journaling.  I don’t love the facing page, the big red circles are overwhelming, but I hope the addition of hand written words will tie everything together.


I’ve added a note on the facing journal page that says, come fall, the radish stamp could pass for the more seasonally appropriate beet!!!  Versatile, right?

Tried a little “birdie love” stamp carving…..


Then, I must confess, I was influence by Pam Carriker’s article in the Somerset Studio magazine and had to try carving my own portrait stamp.  On the left is a test of the stamp I carved, now, I’m going to add doodles and letters to finish off this journal page. 



With every stamp I carve, I learn something…..!  This, first attempt at carving a face is alright but it is going to take some more practice to get the look I’m striving for…I’m carving on!


elle said...

The bird is my favorite!

Julie said...

Those radishes are so amaxing! The bird is too! I can't get over how you can also do a portrait! Good gravy...there is no end to your creativity!!! Thanks for sharing this with us!!!
xoxo- Julie