Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Same backyard….different week!


Last week, I took photos of our backyard and wrote a blog about it!  Interesting, how much changes in nature in a week.  There is always something new in bloom and something old that is fading.  Like life, the garden is always changing and evolving.

IMG_2499 More roses in bloom and the lavender is about to “pop”!





Our backyard is twice as wide as it is deep…so this is a view of almost the entire width….garden shed and all.











This is the other side of the backyard where the white Sally Holmes rose is in it’s full blooming glory.






Looking the opposite direction….this is a small yard with a ton of plants!  What can I say, I like plants and, apparently, I’m on a mission to own them all!  (LOL) So, I’ll leave you with collage and a wish for your days to be full of the flowers you love.

PicMonkey Collage

This week, I am once again joining Outdoor Wednesday.


LV said...

I am featuring my yard today as well. They are like people, always changing.

Carol said...

Lovely. My flowers are in the process of being changed out so things are a bit sparse at the moment.

Larry said...

The concept of a backyard is wonderful... truly a spot that is one's own! Your's looks very inviting! Larry

Shahrul Niza said...

I LOVE to sit in your backyard and just sketch!. Hugs.