Saturday, June 9, 2012

Graduation time!



Congratulations, Nicole!  Another grandchild graduates high school!  Where does the time go?

When she started pre-school, her grandpa use to drive her to school everyday….she wasn’t much older that her cousin, Lucy, in the polka dot coat behind her!  Really, where does the time go?

Being, we live in Oregon and you may have heard it rains in Oregon….not always, but it does sometimes!  Well, yesterday was one of those times and last night in particular…it rained hard and the ceremony was outside, of course!

IMG_2442  This is my standing in the rain hairdo with our graduate and her Dad, my second oldest son, Jeff.

IMG_2443Nicole and her Mom, Darlene.


Nicole and her sister, Angela who will be a sophomore next year!








Nicole and boyfriend, Justin!







Nicole and cousin Vincent!









Vincent’s mother,  Nicole’s Aunt Jan!






Nicole and one of her oldest cousin’s, Staci!





There were a few more family members at the ceremony….but those are the pictures I have on my camera.  Our girl is, now, off into the world.  She has a two year scholarship to Chemeketa Community College that will give her some time to figure out what she wants to do.  Whatever she does, we wish her well!  Her parents are to be congratulated, also, they’ve done their job well!

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Julie said...

Congrats to Nicole!!!!!!