Friday, May 25, 2012

It’s here……………………..


How fun is it……to get jump up and down excited?  Very fun!

Not yet on the newsstand…….but, I now have my very own copy of the newest PAGES, a publication from ClothPaperScissors magazine…..!


But, here is what has me jumping up and down…..this page features my altered book pages!  I wrote about it a couple weeks ago HERE.


Actually, the whole magazine is great!  You will find feature stories that are interesting and informative, as well as, loads of awesome art!  You can order your copy at ClothPaperScissors web-site or, soon, they will be available at Michaels, Fred Meyers and specialty stores.

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Sharon said...

Congratulations! I subscribe to this magazine so I look forward to reading about your altered books. My girlfriend and I just hit Goodwill today at noon to buy some old books for this very reason :)