Saturday, May 5, 2012

Charlotte and I have a history….


I’ve mentioned before that spent many years buying and selling antiques and collectibles which gave me many opportunities to meet a Charlotte…..a Frozen Charlotte to be exact.

IMG_2229 Today, at an estate sale, I came across this pair……Indian Maiden and Indian Chief, both Frozen, but one may be Charlie and the other Charlotte.  These little bisque dolls were made in Japan in the early 1900 and imported into the U.S. to become treasured toys for little girls, mostly used in their doll houses.  Being made of unfired china the little dolls were a fragile toy, to say the least, so not many have survived.

I have a small collection of Charlotte’s that I started back when we were more actively going to auctions and sales.  So, I’ve not ever paid a lot for the ones I have and the condition is not always perfect but these little dolls have a special place in my heart.




This little trio range in height from two and half inches to almost four inches.  The tall Dutch maiden has a broken toe, the other two seem to be in better shape. 

The girl with the bouquet is one of my favorites.





The little fellow on the right is leading the parade with his cymbals, he maybe one of Santa’s helpers. 

The one on the left is the same as the one above with the bouquet…only this ones face has worn in such a way, as to make her look a little “evil”, I would say. 

The one in the back is in good shape and, also, almost four inches tall.






This is where my collection lives! I need to re-arrange the shelf to make room for the new couple.

The Popeye toy is called a “ramp walker”.  If, you place him at the top of an incline….his legs will move and walk him down the “ramp”, thus ramp walker.

Obviously before wind-up toys, not to mention battery operated or electronic!






So, my big score of the day was this……!

A little worse for wear and missing an arm, she is the beginning of an assemblage or some other piece of altered art!  Her arms move and I think she may be from Germany and older that the other dolls.

Thanks for stopping by….I love it when you leave a comment….tell me what you collect.


Terra said...

These cute dolls are new to me, and the one holding the bouquet is my favorite.

Chris Flynn said...

I'm looking forward to seeing what you create with your find today. I have a number of these that I picked up at an estate sale two years ago. The lady was there, being ignored by the shoppers. But I spent some time with her letting her tell me all about her years of collecting. (And she had hundreds!)
Great post today. Plus, I admire your granddaughter and her run!!
Sweet Blessings,

Dianne said...

I have one little frozen Charlotte (no clothes) but her feet are broken off...loved seeing your collection!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

WOW, you really SCORED. Aren't you the lucky one. I've seen Charlottes before, but I thought they all came from Germany. Lovely to see so many countries represented.

Julie said...

What cute dolls!!! I love the little German one! I wonder what I collect!!! Hmmmmm...I will have to think on it a minute. I am thinking of collecting all my embroideries in a book.