Saturday, May 26, 2012



Hey, I love shopping the big box art stores and the, better yet, small mom and pop operations but nothing beats the serendipity of estate sale and flea market shopping for your art supplies……!

Today, I spent less than five dollars on a super stash that included……



This photo album filled to the brim with vintage photos, the embroidery hoop I’ve needed and a very cool large vintage map….in the background!


Can’t wait to use the alphabetized dividers in an altered book, the hoop and map (again) and some drawing and charcoal pencils.

Then what does my little eye spy?  A large white envelope full of paper scraps that only a hoarder (like me) who does collage could love! 


The woman having the sale thought she was going high, on the price, when she said “fifty-cents”!  I snapped ‘em up!

The previous owner had a great appreciation for all things Japanese.  The envelope was filled a plethora of origami paper, rice paper, Oriental art, Japanese advertising, maps, stamps….all manner of cool stuff.  I’m not into Oriental themed art but I appreciate the quality, color and design of these scraps.


Best fifty cents I’ve ever spent. 

I do believe the secret is out,however, because I see lots of other folks grabbing up art supplies at garage and estate sales.  Why not?  It’s a way to keep the hoarding going and the price down!


elle said...

I got some great stuff at the thrift shop this week. Don't ya just luv saving money on good stuff! lol

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

OH Jan, I'm green with envy. One of the things I LOVE is anything Oriental. And the papers you showed had me itching and twitching (grin). Yep, money well spent!

Have a great Memorial Day, too.

Halle said...

Wow! What a fun find...for very little $$. Awesome!
Can't wait to see some creations.

Lynda said...

Great finds! I love picking up material at thrift stores.