Monday, March 21, 2011

Series #1


I've not worked on a series of pieces before, this has been interesting.

First one was easy...........

IMG_0388 These are 6x6 inch block canvases.  The background on this one is acrylic paint and Smooch spritz  sprayed over a paper doily used as a mask.  I lettered the word, and added it, before layering this beautiful tissue-thin paper over.  I topped it off with the red painted wood heart.

IMG_0391This one took more layout and construction time.  The hand of charity was lost if I put it under the tissue paper, so I layered it on top and added the heart.

IMG_0393  "Faith" is almost finished!  But "Hope", now that has been difficult!  I cannot come up with a design or color that says...HOPE to me.  What color says HOPE to you?  I am leaning towards yellow, however, yellow is not one of my favorite colors......struggle, struggle, what to do, what to do?

That will be my challenge for this week.  Please feel free to leave your suggestions. 


Anonymous said...

is the tissue thin paper that you mention
what is giving the canvases the white overlay circles -
or did you draw those guys on there?

Anonymous said...

Because if it is, I will go ahead and beg you for some now.

Julie said...

Hope springs eternal...the color of heaven (sky)...a lovely shade of blue...or gold (streets of gold)???!!!

These peices are awesome!!!

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

These pieces are so pretty.

Green speaks to me of spring which always speaks to me of hope: hope that the sun will shine again and flowers will bloom; hope because Christ arose; hope for our planet because of recycling and being more responsible with what's been left to us to care for.