Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Inspiration Board.......

In my case, an inspiration board is usually a pin up board covered with so many pieces of paper I can't find anything......inspiring or not!

So, today I rearranged and weeded out and came up with this........

IMG_0339Seems I like color.....and want to paint in a much freer and abstract fashion!  I love the alphabet stencil as is.....with its worn and painted edges.

The top right is a watercolor sketch I did and below that an experiment in encaustics, there is a photo of painting I sold and the sketch and watercolor tulip. 

The other pieces are works of other artist or magazine photos that I really like and a paint color chart, I did, for reference. 

IMG_0343 Orange, purple, pinks and gold.......LOVE 'EM!  Now, I'm inspired.

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Julie said...

Encaustics sound so amazingly fun and interesting...I hope to try it one day!!! Your board looks great!

Anonymous said...

Your inspiration board just inspired me to have one.
I am
a copycat.
Also. Did you ask for the technique I used to make some purple and orange paper a while ago? Someone asked, and I'd made a tutorial but haven't posted it because I can't recall who needs it.
I hate to post it without letting whomever wanted it know that it's up.

Jane said...

Your inspiration board is such a great idea. A wonderful thing to look at on a daily basis.
You are a very talented artist!!

Heather Foust said...

Love your inspiration board! I am the same as you love color! Nice to meet you. Very nice blog. Nice to meet you on CED!!

Anonymous said...

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