Saturday, March 5, 2011

From flea market to horse meet.....

Another fun filled Saturday......first we hit the Flea Market and for less that ten dollars I thought I scored "pretty dang good". 

IMG_0323A quilt square, two spice tins, four other tins, a box, ruler and set of Speedball Calligraphy pens nibs.

IMG_0324 Love the "Ladies toilet pumice stone box", threw the pumice stone away...the box is the best part.  Nifty blue pipe tobacco tin and under them is a very cool French cigarette box.

IMG_0325  No one should be with out a tin of Nature's Remedy Laxative...I'm not sure how to tie that into pen nibs and a ruler except....great junk is truly in the "eye of the beholder".  Then I found all of these medals.

IMG_0330I forgot to take a picture of the lovely crystal rosary beads that came with the medals.  Some great jewelry making items here.

A who could live without this.........

IMG_0329 IMG_0328this little contraption was used to roll your own cigarettes, back in the how times have changed! 

We finished off the day at the Fairgrounds in Salem, watching our Granddaughter compete in the Oregon High School Equestrian Team District meet.

IMG_0334 This is Nicole and her best buddy, Oreo.

IMG_0338 Nicole and her team participating in Team Penning.  The meet started yesterday and goes through tomorrow, lots of sitting in the cold and waiting for the next event.  But, the kids have fun and learn new skills.

Fun way to start the weekend, I am hoping, for a little quieter day tomorrow, however. 

Thanks for stopping by, I'm going to link up with Masterpiece Monday at Boogieboard Cottage and Sue's Rednesday.


A'n'G Johnson said...

what FANTASTIC finds! I've had fun poking around on your blog.

Blue Ridge Altered Art said...

You made some great finds and all for $10. That was a good or I should say a great day of Thrifty finds. ~~Sherry~~

Manzanita said...

You really scored big at the flea market. I used to love them but can't do it anymore. Now I have to get rid of.
Love and peace

★Carol★ said...

I'm always a sucker for old tins, so I love all of your finds, especially that gorgeous blue tobacco tin! And that quilt square looks like it would make a lovely pillow!
Happy REDnesday!

LV said...

Those are all great vintage finds. I would keep them. And. you certainly got them at a good price.

Lesley said...

I do like the old cigarette tins

SueLovesCherries said...

Wow! You got some awesome stuff! Some of my best finds have been the smaller ones. I like the graphics and color of the Edgeworth tin.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Old stuff! Fun stuff! Cheap stuff! Now, what could be better than that?


“Oh, my goodness, oh, my dear!
Don’t you think it’s very clear
That a red-less day’s a drag?”
Said Ms. Foxy Scarlet Hag.

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Lazy Days

Made By Gen said...

Yes even they are old stuffs but we enjoyed it. Happy Rednesday...See you in my place.

JunqueMagnet said...

Great finds.Thanks for sharing.

Quiltemarerittet said...

Wow! I love the Wedding Ring block and the other thing´s too. I did´nt go to the Antique Show with Ann when I was there. She had already been there. I went to the Sewing Festival instead. But I was to here house for lunch and we forgot to take some picture of us. Next time....
Tomorrow I will take some picture of some thing´s I have bought on flea. Wait and see!

Karen said...

What a lot of fun things you found, all sorts of great finds. I love poking around in antique stores and flea markets too. So much nostalgia. I love your granddaughter's horse, so pretty!