Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The best part of teaching.......

Indeed, the best part of teaching is how much the teacher learns from the students!

We are three classes into the Altered Book Class I've been teaching at the Woodburn Art Center.  I've taught Tole, or decorative, painting in the past, but, this was the first go 'round teaching collage/altered books. 

Students always ask good questions and force you to think out of your comfort zone and I like that.  It is so much fun to see each persons interpretation of the class work.  We are altering a child's Golden book because they are small, not too many pages and a nice size for a beginner.

IMG_0279This gives you a good idea of the wonderful, light filled space workspace the art center offers.


Thea and Pat busy creating and here are a few pages some of the students have completed..........

IMG_0367 IMG_0368 The pages above are Margaret's tribute to her Mother.

IMG_0369 IMG_0371Thea's book depicts happy times with her fur babies!

I forgot to take photo's of Alexis' work, and it was so great...darn.

A couple people were missing today, hopefully, they will be back next week.  Margaret and Thea will have more pages completed by then, too, so I can share those with you. 

I am so impressed with how clever and imaginative this work is for "first timers", however, all of these women are accomplished artists and crafts's pretty obvious they know their way around a paint brush! 


Anonymous said...

I'm so enjoying your class.
It's a completely different way of working for me and
it's stretching my creative muscles!
Thank you for teaching and sharing your beautiful and
creative books.

Karen said...

What wonderful books your students have created! I am in awe of this technique. How great that you share your talents by teaching others.

Donna said...

I wish I could come to your class!!! I bought some children's books on clearance, you know the kind with the thick cardboard like pages, they have interesting shapes. But I'm not sure how to alter them or how to get started?