Thursday, October 11, 2012

Easy-peasey paper cloth......


I love Diana Trout's blog and I'm anxiously awaiting her on-line longstitch book making class to start!

One day last week, as a precursor to her upcoming class, Diana showed us how to make "paper cloth" which she used to make her book cover for this class.  You can go to her blog HERE and watch her step by step video.




So very easy, simply glue tissue paper onto muslin or any light weight cotton fabric.  I used Elmer's glue thinned to a milk-like consistency with water. 







Then spread glue on the fabric and arrange pieces of tissue paper or any light weight paper on top of the fabric.  Use a brush laden with glue to smooth the paper unto the fabric!  Let it air dry and that is it.







To give the paper a little more color you can add paint while the glue is wet.  Or, if like me, you forget to add paint....I got out a stencil and sprayed it.





Next, I stitched with the machine around the edge to give it more strength and body.  This was so easy and fun that I made two pieces of "paper cloth".



On this piece, I painted the "paper cloth" while the glue was still wet, otherwise, all the steps were the same.


Two different, cool papers for my book covers....DONE!


So, let the class begin, Diana!


elle said...

I did see this tutorial and thought it better than what I had initially done. I now know my base fabric was way too stiff so I'm anxious to try again. Thanks for your input!

Lynn Holland said...

I mist have a go at this technique. Looking at all your lovely journal pages over the past months has made me want to start doing mine again.
Lynn x

Julie said...

Well, this sure looks interesting!!!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I have made this fabric paper before. I have used everything from tissue to heavy cardstock. I much prefer the tissue to even the thin scrapbook paper. I really like how you stenciled yours with ink. A really unique way to go!