Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A funny thing happened......


One day last June, I received an e-mail from a chef who was starting a new business and wanted to buy a piece of my artwork to use as a logo!

What!  I was surprised.....I don't sell on line, I don't even think of myself as promoting my art on line.....I JUST blog.  Well, I quickly learned "it is a small world after all". 

Chef Jess had gone on line looking for an image of a radish and my relief print of a radish popped up!  You can read the blog where it was featured in HERE!


So, to make a long story short.....agreements were made, money was exchanged and the print was mailed!

Today, I'm sharing my little pride and joy with you and wishing Chef Jess and The Roaming Radish the best of luck on their new enterprise.  Her new business is located on Whidbey Island in the town of Freeland, which is very close to Langley.  Whidbey Island is located north of Seattle, Washington in the Puget Sound.  Beautiful area!

radish If one day, you find yourself in Freeland stop by for an excellent meal and tell Chef Jess  "hello" from me.  


elle said...

That is SO cool. Good for you and well deserved!

Clytie said...

Wow, what fun!!! I do love the name - "Roaming Radish". I haven't been up to the Puget Sound in years, but if I ever do go back, I will certainly keep my eyes open for this one!