Saturday, October 13, 2012

Class wrap-up……


For the last couple of Vein of Gold classes, that I've been helping with, each student is going to make their own accordion booklet. 

Our fearless leader (and the other, Jan)  uses the first part of each class to discuss Julia Cameron’s book and encourage the students to think and write about their life experiences.  The last half of class we have been doing some simple paper crafts or other creative experience.  So far, they have enthusiastically embraced each project.

For this one we are starting with a piece of 8 1/2 x 11 watercolor paper.  Each person will write a message or thoughts that they would like to get out into the world on both sides of their piece of paper and then cover it with a layer of gesso or paint and a little stamping with stamp pad ink.




The page should look like this before we paint over our thoughts.









And something like this, after it has been painted but before I added the stamps and sprays.







We will cut the page into four same size rectangles.  Then we will trade three of our pages with three other people.  The idea behind trading is we are sharing our thoughts and energy with other.  I compare this step to Prayer Flags where we are sending our positive messages out in to the world.

So, our finished book will be made up of one of our pages and one page from three different people.  I did not do that step in this sample book, these are all my pages only.



We’ll use masking tape or scotch tape to bind the pages together.



IMG_3236  Each person will then add art work and quotes that are meaningful to them!





By the end of the class they will have filled their notebooks with their thoughts, their timeline and their art….including this special little book!


Lynn Holland said...

I'm earmarking this page to do it myself. You always come up with something different. Im fast becoming a big fan. I've already forwarded some of your posts to my friends.
Lynn -:)

Lynn Cohen said...

Fun show and tell here! Delightful outcome!

Journal Swag said...

Very cool!!

Julie said...

What a neat book! Love how the edges are taped to do the fanfolding. The steps surely create something unique and special to each person!!!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What a fun way to end a class. I think this is a fun book and one that is complete once you add the tape. What a fun project you have created for these people.