Saturday, September 15, 2012

One of the fresh flavors of Oregon…….


In Oregon, just like other parts of the country, farmers are looking for “value added” ways to make a living, farming.  Today, we had an interesting and flavorful journey to a small farm, close to home, for a Grape Tasting!

When I think of growing grapes, at home, I think of the thick skinned, seedy Concords that our Mother’s used to make grape jelly.  Wrong!  At the Broadacres Nursery they offer over FORTY varieties and you can walk through row after row to taste test your little heart out!

IMG_3030 .

After parking, the nice ladies is this area give you a few simple directions and a list of the names of all the grapes available for tasting, along with a pencil to mark your favorites.  The idea is you can taste first…..then, of course, come back a buy a few pounds or a box full depending on your needs.

With names like Albazor, Black Emerald, Bronx Seedless, Diamond Muscat and Dr. Good……..and beautiful cluster of grapes in gorgeous colors….it isn’t that easy to choose a favorite!

A beautiful fall afternoon spent in the sunshine, tasting some of the best grapes around….and did I mention the photo op!

PicMonkey Collage

This is what fall is all about!  I hope you are enjoying your weekend. 


Clytie said...

What beautiful grapes! I love how you caught some of them with the glow of the sun showing through them. It makes me want to go find a vineyard!!!

elle said...

There is just something about grapes! Wish I could grow more than rebellious vines with huge leaves that run straight up the nearest overhanging poplar! It must be an art to grow them !!! ;^)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Wow! There are grapes in Missouri, but I've never seen any in Kansas. And never anything as lush and unique as this farm. I would have loved to be with you this weekend. What an experience, as well as photo op!

Julie said...

How fun this must have been!!! Beautiful grapes!!! Did you end up buying a particular variety???