Monday, September 17, 2012

New book…..hard lesson!


I love new things… books, new inspiration, new techniques, new materials, I love them all but sometimes learning something new is more than a little difficult!

This week, I received this used book I ordered from Amazon.  Most of you know I’ve been having a lovely time working on a nature journal, so I thought this book would be perfect!


This book is perfect…’s what is inside that is difficult.  Here is one example….!


Beautifully drawn, beautifully executed……..I can draw, how hard can it be? 


I’m very happy I don’t have a tutor that I have to send my work to, to be graded!  If you notice the woman who drew this received a 66%, Holy Cow!

Determined to try, I went out into the yard and picked these……….



….beautiful roses from my yard, I put them in a vase and placed them on the table where I proceeded to draw.


The photo was taken at a slightly different angle than what I was drawing from, I drew from the flowers not a photo.  I, also, was not trying for the whole bouquet.  I just wanted to draw the three flowers in the foreground.  This is a better comparison…….

PicMonkey Collage It is difficult to draw from nature and make it look free and arty…..not stiff and fussy.  This was a great exercise in “seeing”, looking for the shadows, foreshortening petals, making the centers look open and airy!  I’m not too thrilled with my composition and I over shaded the back two flowers and the perspective is off on the flower on the right.

What a lesson!  I may not be happy with what I learned by I did learn a thing or two!  One of the things I learned is… matter what, you have to practice, practice, practice!


Connie said...

Practice is how we grow and get better. I think that your work is lovely . . . beautiful job!
Connie :)

Nora MacPhail said...

You did an awesome job. It looks like you're using a mechanical pencil... I love them too! No sharpening.
Have fun.

Halle said...

I think you did wonderful! Keep at know practice, practice, practice. :)

elle said...

Yes, you can draw and I imagine easy is not quite so... But yes, practice is becoming more and more the key word!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You did a lovely job with the drawing, and you definitely don't need a tutor. I was not impressed with the grade this student got. For a first assignment, that seems a bit harsh. And I believe art students, possibly more than other students, need more encouragement, rather than criticism. If it's math, physics, even English, there is ONE right or wrong answer. In math, you can be wrong in your "proof," and still get the answer correct. That can cost you if that's how it's graded. BUT ART is subjective, and what I considered beautiful and very well done, the tutor found fault with. Glad I'm not trying to make art. I can't even draw a snowman, which is three circles!

Julie said...

It is so much fun to draw nature. I really went through a big drawing stage, and it was such always have a subject at hand!!! Do the flowers over and over again and is a blast!
xoxo- Julie

Dianne said...

oh yes, drawing from life is the best drawing exercise and there's no substitute for practice. you did a beautiful job with your drawing. Hope to see more soon!

Journal Swag said...

I think you draw beautifully, and am amazed always by your talent!


p.s. All my houses are gone!