Wednesday, September 26, 2012



Welcome to the sweet little coastal town of Capitola, California!


This is not where we stayed, but if I go back sometime, I’d love to.  I liked the wrought iron, flowers and cozy patio…….but look at these………….

IMG_3133 I really want to live in one of these colorful houses right on the beach!

If, you have never been to Oregon you may not know there is a huge difference between Oregon’s beaches and California’s.  They have few big waves and lots of sunshine…..we have lots of big waves and really cool (so might call it cold) wind.  They are each beautiful in their own way.

In the next picture, you would NEVER see sail boats tied up in the ocean in Oregon.  You might see a tanker tied up off shore but not a sail boat!

IMG_3129 They were having long board races when we were there!

 IMG_3131 IMG_3135



This is just a glimpse of the non-ocean side of town….small, cute, nice shops!












I liked the doodle-like patterns on these bowls and pitchers in the Turkish gift shop!

We were going to go to Santa Cruz, which was close by, but on the weekends the traffic is really bad and it gets very backed up and there is no way to turn around, we were told, leaving you stuck in traffic for an hour….so we opted to not go.

When we got back, I was telling my daughter-in-law Jan who grew up in San Jose, about why we didn’t go to Santa Cruz. She said the traffic thru Santa Cruz has always been like that.  Even when she was a kid in the 70s and 80s, only then, that was where the party started….people would get out of their cars and have a beer or a soda and talk to the folks in the next car until they could move up a space or two!  Sort of like tailgating from a slow moving car….. not so PC but, likely, much less stressful and more fun!

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