Sunday, December 11, 2011

Making major progress……


I’ve been getting things done the last few day, so I’m feeling a little less stressed about Christmas being in two weeks. 

Still no real decorating but I can do that in an afternoon, it was all the things I thought I wanted to make for Christmas gifts that was making me a little crazy.  So, if I can resist making just “one more thing”, I’m close to finished.

Here is a sneak peek at a book I am making for someone…….


And a print for someone else…….


And my VERY non-traditional Christmas cards……


I still want to make a couple pieces of jewelry and I have gifts to buy for children, wrapping and I’ll be ready!  Yeah!!!


Terra said...

Merry Christmas early, as you create your gifts.

Julie said...

I love all of your art...the tomato page is awesome though!!! You are fearless and will attempt anything...I let my fears stop me...sadly! So glad you got your beads...can't wait to see them in your project.