Thursday, December 8, 2011

Free, Easy to make and fun!


It doesn’t get any better than that… is a wreath I made to hang by the front door.  All the materials were free and it took about ten minutes to put it together.

IMG_1739  I picked up the birch branches off a neighbor’s sidewalk, one day when I was out walking the dog.  I brought them home, straightened them out a bit and tied them with a string down about 10 inches from the top.  I had dried the hydrangea heads, but you could just pick them out of the yard and insert behind the piece of string along with some rose hips I cut from a rose in our front yard! 

Easy Peasy, as they say!!!!

IMG_1738  You could add ribbon, if you want, but you wouldn’t need to, the hydrangea blossom is full enough to cover the string.  You might like the more finished look of ribbon streaming down, I am fine with the casual appearance. 

Take a walk, gather some materials and have some fun.

I’m hitching this blog to the Vintage Inspiration Friday party at Common Ground and another favorite at The Answer is Chocolate.


Sharon said...

Love the simplicity of this! I would not want a bow, either.

Thanks for sharing. I'm going to try this.

Karen said...

I love this, natural elements are so beautiful in arrangements. The rose hips add just the right touch of festive color.

Halle said...

Gorgeous!! And free! Even better!

Custom Comforts said...

Very pretty and so simple. Love the rose hips.

Julie said...

This is really beautiful...I love the casualness of it...just so earthy and perfect! your paper beads in the mail this morning!

Carol, The Answer Is Chocolate said...

This is absolutely gorgeous and looks like something you'd find at a florist shop. Just love it. Thanks so much for sharing at this week's BFF Open House!