Sunday, December 18, 2011

The color swap comes to an end……


A few days ago, I received the last of my color swap pages from Halle in Minnesota. 

We each chose the colors we wanted the other swap players to use on our pages….mine were hot pink and orange!  You either love or hate that kind of color combo but these four ladies have done an outstanding job using them.

IMG_1799 “Life is your canvas, no one can paint it but you”….great quote on a tissue paper/sheet music background….check out the paper beads tied on the side.

IMG_1800 The other side of page one.

IMG_1801Is this cute, or what?  It doesn’t show well, but the Jack O’ Lantern is covered in sequins while the dictionary pages in the background define “orange”.   Love it, lacey edge and all.


How true…”the quickest way to know a woman is to go shopping with her”!  This dictionary page defines the beauty of “pink” and is covered by a pocket of buttons.

Such clever and creative ways to use hot pink and orange…better than I could have ever done!  Thank you, Halle.

IMG_1803 This is the book cover for my pages and I am tying the tags to the rings that hold the book together.

Picnik collage

And to round out my book are samples of the work I received from Rita, Diane and Elizabeth in addition to Halle’s.  My sincere thanks to all of you.

This was a great challenge, it made me use colors I would not normally use and that forces one to think and work outside their comfort zone!  Good exercise!

And….. I have a fun, fun book to start the new year! 


elle said...

I luv pink and orange. How very wonderful!

Julie said...

How pretty everything is! Love your book! Pink and orange are so great together!!!

Halle said...

I love that your book is a dictionary! I either didn't know or didn't remember! That makes my pages fit the theme even more. Hooray!