Sunday, June 20, 2010

Party Invite

Lovely Melody at Etsy Cottage Style issued an challenge invitation to her Alphabet Party, m-m-m-m, am I up to this?  Well, let see what do I have that starts with the letters "H-I-J"?

Well, how about  "I" for IRONSTONE......

kitchen projects 004 as in ironstone butter pats, or "J" for Jadite plates or "H" for Heirloom photos of Ladies (that might be stretching it) or "I" for iron flower frog.

okc 009Let's not forget "J" for Captain Jack who likes to kick back on the sofa to watch a little T.V.  Jack is always happy to see you, no matter what letter of the alphabet your name starts with!

Guess that wasn't that hard, after all.....really lots of fun, actually!  Join me at Melody's Vintage Alphabet Party, I'll bet there are lots of clever bloggers with great H-I-J things to share with you.  

Thanks for stopping by, please do come again and Jack loves comments!


Kathy said...

Sounds like a fun party that gets one thinking and looking at things differently around the house!
Hope you have a Delightsome day,

Mom2fur said...

Captain Jack looks very handsome, all shiny and white! I bet he had a recent grooming session. He's adorable.
And I think "H" for "Heirloom Photos of Ladies" is just fine!

Debbi said...

Love your jadite. Hey you covered all the letters with Jack backing you up!

Vicki said...

Hi, Jan,
I enjoyed seeing your wonderful ironstone butter pats, lovely jadite dishes, and fabulous heirloom ladies in the iron flower frog. Captain Jack is adorable and I can tell he loves to make himself right at home. Hope you have a beautiful week! Vicki

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Beautiful collection of ironstone and jadite! I have only a couple pieces of each of those, so I don't think they qualify as collections yet. :-)


nannykim said...

Nice stuff; especially the Jadite and doggy!