Saturday, June 12, 2010

Artist's studio tour.......

The sun does shine in Oregon and today is a perfect sky and 80 degrees.  Beautiful!

Hubby, Daughter-in-law, Grandson and I spent this very pleasant day touring artist studios in a rural area, just outside of Portland, Beavercreek, thus an event called "Open Studios of Beavercreek".  The event features 30 plus artists sharing space and showing in 14 separate locations.

I took my camera but, of course, I forgot to use it at the first stop which was at Connie Veenker's Studio.  Connie works in acrylic paint and makes some cute yard art.  Her studio located next to her country home  is a  bright and compact space any artist or craft person would love.  This is, also, is where I made my purchase of the day.....a mosaic piece by Connie that will hang by our front door!  Cute, huh?

cline famil 003 Nest, we drove to Jill Montgomery's studio.  Jill designs and constructs beautiful mosaics.  I took so many pictures of Jill's greenhouse and studio that I really didn't get too many of her work....your going to love this tour 004The entrance was great but the interior was.........

art tour 009  to "die for"........

art tour 010 couldn't you just live here, antiques, McCoy and other colorful pottery, cool metal chairs, watering cans, oh, my! tour 011 art tour 012

art tour 014

art tour 013

Attached to the black screen above are three of Jill's gorgeous mosaics.  She grows several varieties of sedums in her greenhouse.......I really, really want to live there!

art tour 003 This is Jill's actual studio/workshop, it was a delight, too.

art tour 006


Jill hosted watercolor artist, Holly Kroening.







art tour 007


And Metal Art made of recycled materials by Jen and Shaun.






Next, we were off to Victorhill Farm, where artist Blenda Tyvoll display her beautiful watercolors and collages.  A member of the Oregon Watercolor Society, Blenda's painting placed third in a state wide contest and will be included in the OWS traveling show.  More of her work can be seen on her web-site at

art tour 016 Some of Blenda's delightful work which includes collage.

art tour 017 The front of her studio/shop!

art tour 018

If you look closely, between the car and the shop, the peak of our landmark Mt. Hood is visible in the distance.

After a quick stop for a hearty lunch, we were off to visit the studio of Jude Weller.  Jude is a well know watercolor artist and teacher, who also has a great studio located in her beautifully landscaped backyard.

art tour 020 

art tour 019

I'm told this innocent looking little creek has been know to over flow it's banks....but my, is it lovely to look at!

art tour 023 A very small sample of Jude's work.

art tour 024 Not far down the road, we were greeted by this wonderfully detailed gate designed and constructed by Marion Gilliland.  Inside his studio, the walls were laden with his very high quality metal work.

art tour 025 This is only a sampling of the work we enjoyed today, each studio hosted at least two other artists.  If, you live in the Portland area this is an event you don't want to miss.  This is the 14th year of the event and it is held twice a year, in June and, again, October 8,9,10. 

For more information visit or call 503-632-4146.


Journal Swag said...

How awesome!! Wonderful pics too, Jan. Hope the rest of your weekend is great too!


Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Thanks for sharing the pics! That must have been such a fun day. I need to get out and spend a day being inspired. Connie