Sunday, June 20, 2010

ME Monday

How fun to start the week with other Mary fans!  I don't have a lot of Mary's licensed products but in today's post I want to feature one of my two favorites.

red 003 Yep, the knobs on our kitchen cupboards........

red 004but, wait......there's more.......................

red 001 

The Mary knobs are on the top cupboard doors, on the bottom we have these chrome and red bakelite beauties.

red 005



The size of our kitchen gives new meaning to postage stamp and takes it right to efficiently tiny!  The white and red do wonders for brightening the space.


The Mary knobs were purchased at a retail outlet and the chrome handles from a yard sale several years later. When we redid the kitchen we didn't have enough of the Mary style to do all of the doors and drawers the same, so I decided to use both styles and mixed it up a bit.  A look I like!

red 006









Next week.....the other "favorite" ME possession. 

Thanks for stopping by, now come with me to visit the other bloggers who appreciate the art work of Mary Engelbreit at Cherry Chick on this ME Monday. 

Your comments make my day!


Sweet Bee Cottage said...

What a great combination! They look great and Mary probably couldn't have done any better.

Cherry Chick said...

Thanks so much for joining us on ME Mondays. The ME Cherry knobs really stand out on the white cabinets. Very cute! I happen to be the proud owner of 8 of those cherry knobs but mine are on a dresser in my office. :-)
Cherry Chick

Unknown said...

Hi Jan,
I want those bakelite pulls. They go great with the ME knobs, but I want those. Now I'm gonna have to keep an eye out for those....Thanks a lot one more must have thing...hehe.
I wanted to invite you to participate at Etsy Cottage Style Blog Vintage Alphabet Party I co-host. Go to for more info.

Kathy said...

Love your ME knobs! What a cheerful way to approach a kitchen! Love them,

Unknown said...

love a Mary kitchen. My mom did the same thing. so cute..

Unknown said...

I just love these...I hemmed and hawed about getting these when they were out there for they are gone! I think it adds the perfect touch to your little kitchen! :)

Sarah said...

These are perfect for your kitchen! That kitchen may be tiny, but it is full of charm.

nannykim said...

Oh! you got them at a yard sale....just love those bakelite handles

Anonymous said...

Wonderful how changing knobs and handles can make a room pop.
Thanks for the link to the party.