Wednesday, April 17, 2013



Sometimes, simple is just better!

I've been teaching a stamp carving class for the past few months along with a friend.  We have taught our students how to carve several stamps and given them some techniques for using the stamps and they have learned and so have we.

However for our final class we are going back to "basics" and teaching them how much fun "simple" can be.

I started by cutting these shapes using Speedball Easy-Karve.............


By combining these basic shapes you can get a wide variety of stamps.........







Simple shapes with just two colors.












Even simpler.............................................






Same six stamps....just arranged differently. 

Finally, I stamped a piece of muslin.  I do not have fabric paints but I just wanted to try StazOn to see how it would work.  It came out light and would not be washable but would make a cute patch for a pillow or a small potpourri bag.




Really! How often I seem to forget that EVERYTHING is, only, made up of a series of shapes!

This would make a fun kids project.  The shapes are easy to cut, you could just use foam or a recycled Styrofoam tray or a potato for that matter. 

Have fun!


elle said...

There is something to the KISS principle! lol

SAMARA said...

I LOVE the idea of making my own stamps. How cool that you do that and that you teach it. Are you still teaching it? It seems so scary to me! I hear you re: crumpling paper and throwing it out. Yes, I am a tad intimidated by the canvas but I am discovering you can cover and cover and cover with gesso and diff. colors and begin again and again. I am still in the experimental stage. In this moment I am doing something on a piece of watercolor paper and disliking it very much! haha. Oh, am I ever changeable. I'm going back to my canvas tomorrow! I envy your non fear approach to the stamp carving!!! {heart} lovies, samara

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

These really ARE fun. And of course, I love trees, especially ones that look like they would go well on Christmas cards.

I have trouble with Staz-on on fabric. It's too light for my taste. I seem to have better luck with pigment ink on fabric. It seems to soak in well, too.