Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A gelli plate of my own......


Last weekend I made my own gelatin plate for mono-printing.  Easy Peasy.......four envelopes of plain gelatin that cost about four dollars and four cups of water then refrigerated for two or three hours and you've just made a "gelli-plate"!


I experimented a bit with acrylic craft paint and stencils and got these results.......






















The first papers I printed were very random designs and I tried printing watercolor paper, dried out baby wipe and Rice paper.  I really like the baby wipes best, lots of cool texture on the wipe itself.


So, I tried something more controlled...just three blocks of paint on watercolor paper.







After the paint dried I stamped two of the blocks with my hand carved stamps and drew on the third block....each time I learn a little more.

The gelatin plate is holding up just fine and should for a couple weeks.

I have a pretty short attention span, so I'll make some more prints and be ready to move on to something else so, making my own plate is not only cost effective but practical.  It was very easy to make the plate should  I want to do more prints at another time. 

However, if you are going to print a lot of your own papers buying the commercial Gelli plate would be a good deal.  Which ever way you is a blast.

Today I am linking to Julie Balzer's Art Journal Everyday Click here because I stalk her and she inspires me (kidding about the stalking part, not the inspiration part)!


Karen said...

I am always learning something when I visit your blog. I've never heard of this technique and it is quite fascinating. As always, I love your artwork!

elle said...

great! The size could be bigger than the available gelli plate. I never thought of sections of colour as most are full pages. I like! ;^)

SAMARA said...

wow gelli plates are the theme this week at balzertypepad. you are the 5th person talking about it. but alas, the first ever to make their own. good for you...truly! do you take it out of the pan at any point? do you have to refrigerate it at any point? i am going to make one too. i love what you were able to do. so clear and clean. i am so impressed with your adventuresome quality! lovies, samara

Anonymous said...

Great prints with your home made gelatin plate. Your sketches are wonderful. xox

Beverley Baird said...

Love your papers and what you created with them!
I've become addicted to gelli printing.

Dianne said...

I gasped when I saw the price to buy a Gelli plate, so I think you are onto something here! great prints... I think I still like your carved prints best, but they are awesome over the gelli prints!

Halle said...

Looks fun every time I see someone blogging about it. Have yet to try though. Maybe that would be a good summer activity with the kids. :)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm really late getting here. I first tried this several years ago. It makes a much different surface than the plexiglass plate I've been using lately.

I hope you reuse this. I strained and recooked mine. It lasted for weeks while I played and played and played. When it cracked, I used the cracks to my benefit. When it got too yucky, I once again strained and reheated it. It was a lot of fun using it, but once was as much as I could afford (as you pointed out).

Of course, if I had YOUR stencils, I might STILL be playing with it.