Tuesday, December 4, 2012

It's beginning to look......


a bit like Christmas around here!  Today, I finished making the Christmas cards.

With this message inside......





and chairs on the cover.  You'll have to wait a while to see the finished product, sorry.  Don't want to spoil the surprise.




Saturday, Joanne Sharpe the handwriting guru, shared with all, an inspiring series of FREE class.  We are up to class four today, I don't know about anyone else, but the classes have  inspired me to get busy and to make some things I don't think I would have made without the classes.  Joanne encourages her students to take advantage of their own handwriting, with the addition of some loops and flourishes, and use it for a design element.




I picked this bags up at the Dollar Store, two for a dollar, added some gold paint stripes and words and words written with a black pen!  Voila, great gift bags for fifty cents and a few minutes of time.








Also, Joanne's idea was to just write Christmas inspired words with a gold pen on gift wrap paper....adds some class for little money and time.






So, here I am.....Christmas cards made, not address of course, but made and a good start on wrapping paper. 

Soon, I guess, I'll have to give up playing and get serious about some shopping!


elle said...

Great. you have wrapping paper and no presents! lol The class is very inspiring and I wish we had a dollar store in town as the bags are wonderful! ;^)

Julie said...

It really is looking a lot like a beautiful Christmas at your house!!!

Halle said...

Love the DIY paper and bags! So smart. Clever saying in the cards as well. I cheated this year with my cards...just ordered photo cards. Didn't even design my own like I always had in the past.

halohill.blogspot.com said...

Very VERY cool!