Sunday, December 2, 2012

Drawing practice..........


An art friend, recently, gifted me with this really cool book........


It was one of those things I didn't know I wanted, until I had is a great book and, now I know, I wanted and needed it!!!  The author, Carla Sonheim, gives you some super exercises to stretch those drawing muscles. 

So, this morning I sketched our Al Cat while he was taking his morning nap in the sun!



















Then I tried Carla's exercise, trying to draw a more whimsical, less realistic cat!  I know for those who "say" they can't draw that would sound like it is isn't!


She suggest drawing about 30 of them.....I'm a tenth of the way there!  She, also, suggest putting the drawing pad on a pillow for a less stable surface.  I have to try that, too.  But, it got me drawing and any practice is good practice and I would love to be able to draw whimsical animals!

This is a fun book.....Thanks, Shelia, I love it. 


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I think this book fits you well. Not something I would ever want, but I can certainly see this is a perfect book for you. Love Al's portrait(s), too!!

Halle said...

A sleeping cat seems like the perfect know they'll be there for a LONG time. :) You did very well with the drawing exercises.
Looks like a very interesting book. said...

Wish I could draw like you, tho!