Sunday, November 4, 2012

Learning some new stitches......


Friday, Diana Trout released her on-line, longstitch bookbinding class!  Most interesting.  Like many things, I know just enough to be dangerous and bookbinding is no exception.  So, I am looking forward to getting past the pamphlet stitch and on to something a little fancier.

So far, I have made the cloth/paper for the cover and cut a big piece of paper in to little pieces of paper and gathered them to make signatures.  Now, I've got some holes to punch and some thread to use!

IMG_3391 I hope to get back to this project this evening after dinner.

Earlier this week I came up with a journal page I like.......using gesso, watercolor, pen and pencil.

IMG_3393 Journaling can be a great way to vent your frustration.....we took the dog to groomer on Monday and on Tuesday he went out and rolled in the smelliest, nastiest "stuff" he could find.  Oh, yes, I was very happy!  NOT.  So, I wrote about it here.




I like the look of watercolor over gesso that was spayed with a bit of water and dabbed with a paper towel.  




Then I started another page......a this point, I'm liking this background but I have no idea where it goes from here!


I hope things are improving for the folks on the east coast and that your week will see less frustration and more optimism........and an end to political advertising!  


elle said...

I don't even know the pamphlet stitch so I am more dangerous than you! lol Frustrating!!!

Journal Swag said...

Love them all!

Lynn Holland said...

Can I add the photo of your pages to the banner of SKETCHBOOK FRIENDS
Lynn x

VivJM said...

Venting is a great use of your journal, and your pages look wonderful! Is that a doily on the right hand side of the bottom page? Looks beautiful!

Šolanje na domu-Waldorf said...

Fabulous journal pages! Good luck with book binding. I find it very stressing. :)

Unknown said...

Your new background is going to take you somewhere great. Sorry to hear the dog was such an idiot. See you next Wednesday at SMWYG!

Linda Kunsman said...

Dogs rolling in things is never good! I love that you journaled about it. I haven't made a book or used the pamphlet stitch in a long time-love your cover. And your new background pages are fantastic already! Nice to catch you from the SMWYG challenge which Mary just told me about.