Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lucy's book is done....finally!


You may remember, last spring, I shared with you some pages of a book I was making for my great granddaughter, Lucy's second birthday.  I missed her birthday but, it is finally done....just in time for Christmas.


I wanted this book to be educational for Lucy, turns out I learned a thing or two just by making it. 


One thing I learned is I like "instant gratification"......this was not instant!  It was a big project and took a lot of time.  I had to design the book as I went along plus figure out how to make sturdy enough for a child to actually play with it and interesting enough to hold a child's interest.

IMG_3497 It would have gone a lot faster, had I not kept thinking "oh, I could do this" or "oh, I could add that".  It has been a challenge.....a good one.  I'm, already, thinking of one more fun thing I could do to the book binding!  I need to call it "finished"!  

There is a total of twelve pages but I'll wait until after Christmas to show those....I want to save the surprise for Lucy's parents.


elle said...

You have put a lot of thought and some excellent concepts into the book. It's a winner!

halohill.blogspot.com said...

It is awesome! What a wonderful gift from your heart and hands. :)


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Sorry I’ve not been around until today. I finally got my head out of my basement so I could stop by for a visit! Your book is intensely gorgeous. I love it. I could tell from the cover that this was NOT an instant gratification book. Looks like you have a TON of time in it. That is one lucky little Lucy!!