Friday, August 31, 2012

Vintage Back to School Swap…….


Recently, I and thirteen very talented women participate in a journal page swap organized by Michelle Geller.  Yippee!  Last night, Sheila and I met up with Michelle for dinner and our journal “hand-off”!


That’s Michelle on the left, me in the center and Sheila on the right.  We all live in the Portland area, so it was easy to get together and just too much fun to share experience of the first viewing!

Every artist involved in this project out did themselves!  The page below, is just one example of the thought and effort that went into each page.

This is the page at first glance……..


This is the sum of it’s parts………………………

IMG_2969 …..the flash card, composition book, chalkboard, report card envelope with note paper to journal on tucked in-between the pages…..and all this was held together by a giant paper clip!  EVERY page in this book is like this, each with it’s own personality but overflowing with exciting and interesting bits and pieces. 

So, here we go……you’re going to LOVE this!

The cover was done by Michelle, check out her hand lettering…….

IMG_2949 Inside cover and first page by Jan Clem……it is difficult to see but Jan’s page is a pull out with the ruler being the tab that you pull to make three pages pop up!  Awesome!


  On the left is the back of Jan’s page, on the right is Shelia Earhart’s page with her incredible baton twirling medal.   It is very cool!


IMG_2952 The back of Sheila’s page and the front of Cynthia Fawcett’s page where she used a triangle for a pocket!


The back of Cynthia’s page and the front of Michelle Geller’s page.


Michelle gave us all a star and lunch tickets!  This if the front of my page.

IMG_2955 The back of my page and the front of Beth Leintz’s page….she transferred photos on to fabric and added the button and ribbon embellishments!

IMG_2956 The back of Beth’s and the front of Rachel McGough….Rachel used a photo to make a pocket!

IMG_2957The back of Rachel’s page included a photo and a reading practice.  Michelle added the flash card divider!

IMG_2959 The back of the flash card and Mollie Morrison’s page with it’s banner and cute paper flower……she has a hidden pocket between pages, as well.

IMG_2960 The alphabet is the back side of Mollie’s page and on the right is Lorraine Peltier’s page.  Lorraine has added a cute buckle to a envelope full of tags.

IMG_2961 The back of Lorraine’s page and the front of Heidi’s page, shown above.

IMG_2962 The back of Heidi’s page and the front of Barb Rickard’s with crayons and a sketch pad first page followed by three more pages…..

IMG_2963 The inside of Barb’s signature page…….

IMG_2964 The back of Barb’s page and the sweet silhouette page by Jessica Rodarte.

 IMG_2965The back of Jessica’s page and the front of Jill Sibbald where she has hidden journaling tags behind the photo.

IMG_2966 The back of Jill’s page and the front of Lisa Stanton’s page with a pocket full of cute cards and a precious vintage artwork.

IMG_2968 The Lisa’s back page and Michelle added an envelope for our lunch money!


What a fun book……don’t you agree!  It is a cornucopia of ideas for journaling and all the pages are soooooo beautifully done!  Thank you so much to each and every one of you who participated.  I will treasure this little book FOREVER!


Julie said...

This book is over the top fantastic! Talk about filled to the brim! Awesome! The front page of Michelle's has a bit of paper page from my baby book in it! I recognized those designs from my own book!!! 1956!

Journal Swag said...

I will treasure mine forever too! Thank you so much for the pics! It was an awesome experience, and look at the beauty we get to keep forever now!


elle said...

My goodness. I will be coming back for some more looks as there isn't trme in just one scroll! Exceptionally well done!

Miss Heidi said...

I have gone through my book about 5 times...maybe a few more. I just love every page, and all the details. this was so much fun. Til the next one.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I saw this earlier, but before I could leave a comment, my computer froze up and I had to reboot. This is one lovely and smart book. I always love those flash cards and your friend put them to good use. Lovely!

Halle said...

What a great book! I'd have never thought of that theme but it is so much fun!!

SAMARA said...

This is about the coolest book I've seen! WOW. what a compendium of wonderful thoughts, additions, pics, creativity. I absolutely love it! I am so glad I saw you on Balzer's site to be here. Yay Julie!!! Can't wait to look at your other art...this is SO unique!!! Smiles, Samara

Carolyn Dube said...

Beyond stunning- what a treasure! This book is an instant heirloom!