Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New theme…….


I’m starting my first “themed” journal!  Since I’ve spent so much time lately in my garden and creating fun projects with fruits and vegetable….I decided my theme should be nature!

Starting off with one of my Farmer’s Markets photos of carrots trimmed with marks from a leaf stamp I carved.IMG_2862

Then I added a watercolor sketch of one of my favorite lawn chairs and that I bordered with the saying “ Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished”……..


Also, started drying some rose blossoms in silica gel crystals and air-drying hydrangea flower heads . 




I plan on incorporating the dried flowers into my journal in some fashion.








IMG_2465 These are pansy blossoms that I placed between two pieces of paper and then pounded with a hammer to make these prints.  I’m excited to use them in this journal, as well.

I’m looking forward to working on this project!  I’m starting now while the flowers are still blooming, the produce is abundant and soon the leaves will begin changing into their beautiful fall colors……all the things that make my heart sing and should make for some outstanding journal inspiration.


elle said...

Great saying! This journal looks like it will incorporate lots of creative ideas.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful idea of incorporating the dried flowers, great idea. xox

Dayna Collins said...

Your themed journal looks like it will be great fun and give you wonderful focus.

Thanks for stopping by my show in Silverton. I visited your blog a few days ago and left a comment, but I'm not seeing it yet (you must need to approve that I didn't say anything inappropriate :) -- I can assure you it was all complimentary!).

Julie said...

What a neat trick with the pansies!!! Gorgeous journal.