Thursday, July 5, 2012

Random Hearts……


I was pleasantly surprised today when I received an e-mail from Clytie at Random Hearts telling me she had featured my blog on her blog Random Hearts.  Every week, Clytie hosts a special Linkey event called “Guest Heart Thursday”.  She has been doing this for a while, this week was #117 but I had not seen it before.  You can bet I will be keeping closer tabs on this fun blog.

You may remember this photo…….


This is a photo of a heart shaped rock, that Clytie found by searching on-line.  I had blogged about HERE and used in my journal, pictured below.


After reading Clytie’s blog I was curious about how often I had featured “hearts” on my blog.  Most of mine have been very obvious, not as cool and creative as the ones featured on her blog…..but here are a few examples of heart photos from my blogs of the past!

family valentines

These are the Valentines I made for my family and friends this year…see obvious hearts.





IMG_1919 The butterfly on the heart was featured on this blog posted last January!

My husband writes special occasion notes for me.  This year’s valentine, that he wrote, I inserted into a heart and used it for a journal page that you can read more about HERE!IMG_2009

As I say, mine are obvious heart…..many of the hearts on Random Hearts are “random”,  found in nature like my rock or purposefully photographed in imaginative ways.  Click on the words “Random Hearts” above to read more!


Clytie said...

I'm so glad you were pleased with being featured. Usually I ask first, but I couldn't resist your wonderful heart rock and the way you used it in your beautiful artwork.

I love how you looked back to find some of the hearts you've posted in the past. I absolutely adore the butterfly on the heart.

The work you have shown is such an inspiration to me. You are an amazing artist!

Journal Swag said...

I'm glad you were discovered again! Hurray! You are very talented (AND so much fun)! I love your journal pages! The "simple" one above is gorgeous and the blue one below is Awesome! I'll have to ask you about some of the techniques on that one. Have a fun week! See you soon!


My Offering said...

This is all so lovely! visiting the blogs linked with Clytie's Random Hearts is one of my favorite things to do. Off to read your stories now!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, all wonderful work. I especially like the butterfly on the heart fiber piece. xox

Shahrul Niza said...

I LOVE your gorgeous butterfly page!. Wow, simply beautiful. Loving the gauze and the simple designs. Hugs.