Thursday, July 19, 2012

Art Journaling Everyday…..


IMG_2662 This week I’m posting these art journal pages to Julie Balzer's Art Journal Everyday challenge.

The red poppy was cut from a garden magazine and attached to an acrylic painted background….I added some washi tape, a little lettering and I love it.  On the right side I tried writing with acrylic ink using a wood skewer….sloppy and not legible, but that’s O.K.


All that blue reminded me of one of my favorite old songs “Blue Velvet” by Bobby Vinton, so I circled the poppy with the words.  That in turn reminds me of an old boyfriend…that was “our song”! 

That was a really long time ago….I’m pretty sure I’m “over it” and that I’m not working through any issues with the journal page!  However, if you can read something revealing into it…I’d love to hear it!  Well, that’s enough reminiscing for today…be sure to check out Julie’s blog.


elle said...

I'm not into the 'deep' things but Art Everyday caught my eys. I fiddle every day. I need to finish a page every day. Duh!
I think I'll trust my heart that this would be a good thing. Maybe blue is for what could be, distant and past.(unfinished) Red is for the hot,here and now! (finished) Wow, this has been a great post to start my day. Thanks, Jan.

Mary said...

Love, love this journal spread! Beautiful!

Journal Swag said...

Love your pages! Especially the poppy one! I love to do "messy" too. I think it's important. :)



Julie said...

Gorgeous pages!!! Love poppy page!!! You could do a set of pages that sort of cover past memories of different people!!! That would be cool...and then write up a little juicy history to go with each one!!! :)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Your poppy page was excellent. No, I don't seen any hidden meaning, but I can't even figure out why I can't get on Blogger, so I'm a bit out of things. Glad you were able to reminisce at least.

Linda Kunsman said...

Being messy can be a good thing! Love your poppy pages!

Unknown said...

I absolutely love this! Incredible very inspiring!