Tuesday, February 7, 2012



……..thoughts and actions!

Last Saturday was the last class, of a four class series, in encaustics for me……sad to see it end.  Now, I need to practice on my own.


Above is paper collage and encaustic wax and below is an experiment using the stamps I carve.  Seems one fish met up with a sea lion who managed one big bite! 

Hey, we learn by experimentation…..this one is paper (i.e. a map) that I stamped with the fish and then applied clear encaustic on the top with colored wax on the bottom, interesting results.  I like the map but I don’t like the colors and it would be safer to stamp first, then apply the map to the board.  The stamping surface would then be flat and easier to get a clean print, without the seal bite and part of a missing tail!IMG_1987

Then I did a sketch of Mr. Laugh A Lot watching T.V. with his head phones on, sitting in his favorite chair with a cat on his lap!

IMG_1984 Sort of a resemblance…except one eye is a little “wonky” and the eye glasses are a bit off”.  That was interesting, I haven’t drawn a man-person in years….maybe, not ever.

Then, last but not least, I told you about the group who gets together at the bakery/coffee shop to do art…..well, we are leaving little art gifts for the other customers!  We are making and sharing “guerilla” art!  Here are a few pieces I’ll be dropping off soon.


The weather has been dry and sunny, so we’ve been doing a little yard work, too…..so, you see many random activities are taking place in my world! 


Julie said...

dry and sunny...fantastic!!!

neat idea...gorilla art.

love your map piece!!!

elle said...

Random acts of kindness, no guerilla about it. lol I'm asking for a blow torch. My guy is showing a lot of deep wrinkles on his brow as he is wondering where this will lead! LOL