Saturday, February 4, 2012

Our budding arteeest!



Today was the last day in the series of encaustic classes I’ve been taking… I invited guests to come see what I’ve been doing. 

And what do you know, our up and coming family artist, Emma, jumped up on the stool and went to work.


So, here we are…..Emma painting on the liquid wax and Grandma Jan supervising.

IMG_1955 Next, we light the torch and start bonding our layers of wax.  Her mother was taking the photos, so yes, Emma’s mom knows I am teaching her daughter to play with fire!  Very safely, I might add.IMG_1962

Emma applies another layer of wax while our classmate, Linda, uses the torch on her work.

IMG_1965Aunt Jan gets a closer look at how the wax melts and fuses.  Yes, in our family, there is a Grandma Jan and an Aunt Jan!

IMG_1975 So, now, we have added a transfer and carved a flower in the light blue.  Can you see it?

IMG_1977Our teacher, Pam, shows Emma how to fill in the lines of the carved flower with red wax. 


Emma’s nearly finished masterpiece.  We did not get a photo of the finished piece but it was delightful!

Some of the best times I’ve had have been while sharing and encouraging my kids, grandkids and, now, great-grandchildren the joys of making things with your own hands and encouraging their creative skills.  Today was no exception!


elle said...

Wonderful. I am now officially asking for a 'studio' out in the barn. Bring on the grand kiddies and oh, yes, we need a blow torch!!!

Julie said...

How great that Emma could participate! She must have loved it! Tell her she made such a colorful and pretty painting. I love it!!!