Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wedding Day......

Yesterday, our Grandson Jeremy married the love of his life, Nicole.

They have know each other since they were six or seven years old and their families were neighbors.  Over the years, they have been friends and dated off and on, until five or six years ago when they became a couple!

The wedding was held on a beautiful wooded lot owned by Nicole's employer, next to a creek, in the heart of the city......on a very warm, almost hot, day!

IMG_1189 First, I will show you the decor starting with the above photo of the attendants bouquets, I love that pink/chartreuse color combo!

IMG_1191 The dinner tables cover in burlap with these centerpieces......

IMG_1196IMG_1192Sister of the groom made use of her Cricut to cut out the birds on a can see the creek in the background!

IMG_1195You can barely make out the honeycomb paper spheres hanging from the trees but they added such a festive air and.......I found the whole box of them, fifty plus, for $5. at a yard sale the week before the wedding.  Lucky find!


Canning jar/lemonade glasses with doily name tag, cute!

IMG_1199With the help, and hard work, of the bride and groom's friends and family the decor was beautiful and the day PERFECT!

IMG_1204Oooops, almost forgot the tasted as good as it looked!

IMG_1209The groom, trying to act casual, waiting for his bride!

IMG_1215The wedding party waiting for the comes the bride!

IMG_1218Her Father and Step-father shared the honors of giving the bride away!

IMG_1229The KISS....................!!!!  It's official, they are Mr. and Mrs.

IMG_1240Jennie, Staci, mother of the groom Leigh, groom Jeremy  and Dennis.....the groom's two sisters and one of his five brothers.

IMG_1253Here I am with my beautiful daughter and her two, equally, lovely daughters!  I am so proud of them all!

IMG_1258    Grandpa danced with his granddaughter.

IMG_1273The best man toasting the bride and groom.

IMG_1284The Maid of honor, trying not to cry as she toasted her sister and new brother!

IMG_1288  The cake sharing went well!    

IMG_1245.....and one of my favorite moments....the bride has just given her new husband his first "order"......."you'd better eat something, you haven't eaten all day"!  She is going to make such a good wife!!!!  He doesn't look so sure tho', does he?

IMG_1231Because, it turned out so well, I'm including this photo of groom's grandparents.

 IMG_1213Two of the groom's other brothers.  How did my grandchildren get so grown up?  Where does the time go?


This was a special touch, on the guest book table they include this photo of my Dad, Jeremy's Great-grandpa, and Jeremy when he was about three.





I have about a 100 more photos, but I won't subject you to any more!

We wish Jeremy and Nicole the best life has to offer.  God Bless you both.

And we leave you with this......




'cause your Grandma, Sister and Aunts know how to be silly and entertain themselves!

It was great day, beautiful wedding, and wonderful memories.

Welcome to the family, Cole!


Quiltemarerittet said...

They´re so beautiful Jan! Hope you all had a nice and warm day.

In September, my brother Jan Vidar will be married too. He is one of my three brothers. I will take some picture that day. All of my grandmother´s children will be there and know I will show picture of them to you. The weddinng is in Trondheim where Jan Vidar live. Trondheim is the third largest town in Norway.

Karen said...

What a lovely wedding! The site looked amazing, too (all those rocks, lol) and how great the weather was perfect. Good wishes for many, many happy years to them both!

Fresh Linen said...

Jan, beautiful bride, beautiful groom, beautiful location, beautiful day. Best wishes to the newly weds. Carol

Julie said...

Nice site to be married...if I ever do it will be in nature!
pretty bride.
love the last shot. Hehehe.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What an awesome event and such great photos. I loved every second of it. Looks like you had fun and so did the happy couple and the rest of the wedding party.

~*~Patty S said...

Hello ~ visiting you for the first time after seeing your lovely rust and white pages for Elizabeth

having a great time enjoying your blog

I Love weddings and oh how very special this one looks with sweet and heartwarming touches...ahhh young Love!

Happy weekend to you and yours