Saturday, August 20, 2011

Goats and the County Fair....

I'm the last person in the world that should be writing a blog about goats......I know nothing about them!  However, I do know the goat handler, in this case, it is my 15 year old Grandson Vincent.

IMG_1146Vincent and Peaches enter the ring!

IMG_1150This an Intermediate group of 4-H members showing their goats.

IMG_1153   The judging is tough.....the judge looks at the goat's confirmation and cleanliness but she is, also, judging how each goat owner shows their animal.  The kids are judge on everything from what they are wearing to how much attention they pay to the judge and how they handle their goat and/or someone else's goat.  All this with your parent, grandparents and bunch of strangers watching!  Whew!

IMG_1158 Vince ended up in fourth place in this category.....milk goats.

IMG_1160This is one of the triplets that Peaches recently gave birth to!  The babies are so cute......and for sale!

This is Vincent's third year of participation in showing his goats at the fair.  It's a great learning experience for him, not to mention, a lot of fun hanging out with your friends and eating junk food....does it get better than that!


elle said...

We had milk goats for our girls to look after and earn a bit of spending money. They have such personality. I miss them but my farmer doesn't. He's into fruit trees now. LOL

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I know even less about goats than you. All I know is which end gets the food and which ends sheds the food. Great photos and explanation of this process. I had NO idea.