Saturday, June 18, 2011

Re-doing the re-do!

Monday I made a stab at sprucing up the patio and getting it ready for summer.  Summer?  In Oregon, we have yet to see Spring...until this week it has rained and/or been cloudy, suddenly it is warming up and we are getting more sun.  Today, PERFECT...75 degrees and sunny.

MOTIVATION: Sunshine and a "buck's" worth of old black and white ticking! 

Hit a few yard sales this A.M. and found a few fun things, but the BEST was a piece of old ticking that at one time covered a single feather mattress.  It has a few rust stains but there's a lot of fabric and potential for a $1.00.

For now, I just folded it and put it in the seat of our porch swing.

IMG_0851A quick spray with black paint covered the dark, blue green color the swing was last year.....add some pillows and worn quilt and voila, cozy seating!

IMG_0850Last Tuesday, I showed you how I had added some things to the wire was still BORING!


So, today, I got out the lime green spray paint and brightened up those blah white wires!  The place is starting to sing a whole new tune!

IMG_0852That's better, kicked it up a I added a tole tray and another wicker covered bottle and a pop of red to the top shelf and rearranged the other two shelves.

IMG_0857Next shelf is home to a cheap "urn looking" planter, a piece of architectural trim and my moss covered cement baby rabbits.

IMG_0858Bottom shelf is a rusty bucket of small terra cotta pots, some old garden tools, and Mama rabbit.IMG_0859    

Our patio is the typical long narrow slab of concrete located right next to the house....hard to decorate, harder to photograph but, I'll try!

Looks like a bowling alley, I know, but the dinning area is at one end and seating at the other.IMG_0869IMG_0861

Nothing says spring like flowers fresh from the garden sitting in an old wire basket with a slate Welcome sign.IMG_0860Almost finished!  I have a wood bench that sits across from the porch swing and I am trying to decide if I should leave it as is, with natural wood, or painting it black, too.  I'll show you after I decide.

IMG_0875 There is enough of the ticking to cover the bench seat, too.  I'll buy some foam and make two covers then I will have pads for the swing and the bench......the cats and the dog will love it!

O.K. I'm ready.....where is summer?

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elle said...

You are ready for summer! I luv the painted stuff and the ticking will be great on both. Great job!

Fresh Linen said...

Jan, love the paint job on the wire shelf and the display of collectibles, lovely place to spend a sunny????? afternoon. Can not believe yesterday was almost hot, today rain, rain, rain! Carol

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

What a great post! So filled with so much porch eye candy!!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I LOVE your patio, especially since it is covered. I don't have that option. I like how you have shown both before and after photos of the shelves. I would say you really DID kick it up a notch. Love the little vignettes you have created, too. And it all goes so well with that cushion ticking.

Beverly said...

Over from MM. I think you porch is so Country Living mag. I love the yellow you painted the shelves. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

lovin all the color, and there is so much to see, just wonderfully summer.


Karen said...

Oh, yes, I know what you mean about the weather...we're still waiting for Spring to arrive, too, but day after day of gloomy, cold rain. Love your decorating ideas and it does not look like a bowling alley, lol.

Everything is so pretty!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

You made me laugh, your patio transformation was like mine, one thing lead to another and so on and so on. It looks wonderful and I love those blue seat cushions. What a great find on the ticking.....wish I could send you some of this Florida heat...We're melting!!


Lizabeth said...

You are on the same page as me! I have been working on sprucing mine up this year. Your ticking stripe fabric is great and classic! The green jazzed up the shelving unit and I like the deco items on it! Even if it's long and narrow it's nice to have a porch to cool off under and relax on! Michigan has a long winter, but it's feeling like summer now!

Diana LaMarre said...

It is looking great--I love the green shelves.

I am working with green and blue paint for my deck furniture. So far it is not coming together as I expected, but I will continue on until it I get something that looks similar to the picture I have in my mind.

It is fun to experiment with paint!