Sunday, June 12, 2011

Brag book!


Pure and intent today is to brag!

These beautiful pictures were taken by our granddaughter Staci's friend and photographer extraordinaire, Melanee.  Melanee is proprietress of Melanee Selby Photography, you can link HERE.

This beautiful little girl is our GREAT-granddaughter Lucy, who just celebrated her first birthday.  Her parents are Ed and Staci and she has an equally beautiful big sister, Emma!

While I'm bragging here....the pictures were taken in our backyard!

243033_10150204590821630_204704776629_7673920_1736657_o256131_10150204590896630_204704776629_7673923_4160172_o 259685_10150204627836630_204704776629_7674340_349453_o









242549_10150204621426630_204704776629_7674281_3891943_o257338_10150204590781630_204704776629_7673919_8150526_oI have been blessed with four children, fifteen grandchildren and eight GREAT grandchildren, and yes, they are all GREAT and beautiful! 

This picture (not taken by Melanee) is from last Christmas and is of me, Lucy and her big sister, Emma.

christmas 10 002



I'm sure Lucy can survive all the "bear hugs" her sister can, and will,  give her!


'Cause this is a post of one of God's Masterpieces,  I am linking to Boogieboard Cottage's Masterpiece Monday


Linda said...

Beautiful children and pictures.
Thanks for sharing.

elle said...

aw, the choking up kind of 'beautiful'! 8^)

Melanee Selby Photography said...

You are so kind!! Thank you for lending us your most beautiful & amazing garden... XO

Julie said...

Absolutely gorgeous girls!!! All three of you!!!

JudyBug said...

You are most certainly blessed with your family! I'm still waiting for a grandchild...and waiting. The little pink dress...perfect!