Tuesday, May 17, 2011

If this is spring, what is summer going to be!

Mercy, mercy......it's raining AGAIN!  Considering the weather in other parts of the country, I do feel guilty complaining, but I'm doing it any way.  I'm sorry, I just cannot get inspired to work in the garden when it is so wet and soggy....and it's spring.....I want to work in the garden and be inspired!

We have had only three days, since January 1 of this year, where the temperature has been 70 degrees.....that just is NOT normal!  But. the few nice days we have had I've made some progress in weed removal and, fortunately, things are growing and blooming away....they must like rain!

IMG_0589This is our front yard with the neighbor's house in the background.  The crabapple tree is all pink and frothy....love it. 

IMG_0590The lime green plants on the left are Barberry, the bright pink ones are Peach Flambe Heuchera and Blue Oat Grass grows between them.

IMG_0593A beautiful branch of Crabapple blooms.

IMG_0594 I love the wonderful colors of Heuchera........many of which have been developed here in Oregon by Dan Hines from Terra Nova Nurseries.  Commonly called Coral Bells, these plants are grown primarily for their gorgeous leaf color,  altho' they do flower. 

And, wouldn't you know....there are rain puddles on the leaf!

I'm linking to An Oregon Cottage's Tuesday Garden Party.

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Becca's Dirt said...

I love the way the drops look on the leaf but I hear ya and I bet you wish that leaf was dry. We are needing rain something bad here in the south. I love the gardens you have. Each plant compliments the others well.